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When sending information to clients and receiving mail in the office, having the right mailing equipment for sorting, storage and posting can streamline the entire process. From desk items such as letter openers and adhesives to carts for transporting larger packages from one location to another, Staples offers a variety of mailroom equipment that meets the needs of any office.

Sorting Options

Letter sorters ensure incoming mail doesn't pile up and that it reaches the correct person. Locking sorters keep the contents secure, protect sensitive information and provide a method for keeping interoffice correspondence safe.

Look for desktop options that add to the decor while providing multiple slots to keep letters and other correspondence in order. Wall organizers offer the convenience of multiple compartments for providing individual slots for employees in larger offices, all in a design that hangs on the wall to maximize space.

Use adjustable sorters to create individualized options that can hold envelopes, files and small boxes all in the same location.

Mailing Equipment Provides Cleanliness and Convenience

Moisteners provide a cleaner method of separating individual sheets, without relying on licking a finger. Available in several sizes, fingertip moisteners let mailroom clerks separate envelopes quickly and are small enough to fit in nearly any desk drawer for quick access when going through papers and reports.

Rubber fingertip grips featured raised bumps that offer improved control when you are sorting to minimize misplaced envelopes and make it simple to add individual pages to mailboxes and sorters. Use moistener pens to quickly seal envelopes without saturating the paper.

Use desktop moisteners for affixing water-activated stamps and labels without relying on licking or gluing methods. These moisteners make mail prep faster and more hygienic.

Mailroom Storage and Transporting Options

Storage options for mailroom equipment include locking cabinets for keeping valuable supplies secure when not in use. Commercial shelving keeps envelopes, moisteners, paper and other mailing equipment neat and on hand while providing a clear view of the amounts remaining.

Modular stations combine storage, sorting and work areas, maximizing space and productivity for each worker. Choose corner stations for smaller areas or opt for larger layouts for open areas with numerous workers.

Add rolling mail carts for easier transportation between desks, offices and floors. With swivel casters that maneuver over carpeted, tile and hardwood floors and multiple size options, mail carts are available that meet the needs of most offices.

Protect Important Correspondence

Protect important documents, letters and correspondence with desiccant strips and packets that pull the moisture out of the air before it can warp or damage paper and other materials. Choose large desiccant jars for containers and cabinets that may suffer from increased humidity levels.

Add individual silica gel packets to storage compartments and sorting trays in the mailroom, or include them in packages sent to customers for added protection in the summer months. Humidity indicators, which change color when moisture levels in the air increase, provide a simple method of detecting excess humidity so that papers, reports and other materials can be protected before damage occurs.

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