Antivirus Software

A quality antivirus program makes the difference between total digital security and an unforeseen cyber attack. By selecting high-quality software from companies like McAfee, AVG, or Norton Antivirus, users can protect their entire digital office with a single program. These antivirus programs are available for both Windows and Mac systems, and each copy is designed to protect any number of users on a single computer. Choose from the best antivirus software on the market to keep computers safe without impacting their performance. These are high-quality and low-maintenance programs that run automatically. 

Security and Peace of Mind 
These antivirus programs, some of the best such software on the market, are available for use by both enterprises and private consumers. From industry-leading names like Norton, AVG, or McAfee Antivirus, these featured programs use features like McAfee's digital shredder to securely delete sensitive files that might otherwise linger on your PC. Each of these antivirus programs has been well-tested and highly-rated by consumers to provide users with peace of mind about their data security. 

The programs are "hands-free," running automatically and discreetly while users work. Each program is maintenance-free and runs without distracting users. The software also auto-updates and routinely scans computers for possible security threats so that users can work safely, making these an excellent choice as some of the best antivirus software for computer productivity.

Faster Runtimes 
Antivirus software are built to run without impacting a computer's speed and performance. By reducing each program's memory draw, the best antivirus software is able to work quietly behind-the-scenes and does not interfere with the user's computer work. 

Easy Installation 
Programs like Norton, McAfee, and AVG Antivirus are easy to install and start working within minutes of coming out of the box. Staples knows the best antivirus software provides quality security right away, which is why these programs launch installation as soon as users insert the disk. They span multiple platforms, enabling them to work on phones, tablets, or other mobile devices to keep data, applications, and hard drives safe.