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Manual hand soap dispensers are a smart addition anywhere it’s important to keep hands clean—which in this day and age is almost everywhere. They can be mounted on a bathroom wall, sit on the back of a sink, or placed just about anywhere. Unlike automatic soap dispensers, manual versions never require batteries. You simply push or pull a lever, depending on the model, and a perfectly portioned dollop of liquid or foam soap is dispensed into your hand.

Eliminates the use of shared bar soaps where possible.
Bar soaps can be messy, especially in schools, offices, or homes where multiple people share the same soap. Manual hand soap dispensers replace bar soaps, making it easier to keep the areas around sinks clean. Each person simply uses the dispenser when they need some soap, and then the dispenser is immediately ready for the next use. When the dispenser runs out of soap, you can easily refill it with the liquid hand soap of your choice, as long as it’s designed to be used in dispensers.

Choose foaming hand soap for a luxurious clean.
We carry manual dispensers that dispense liquid, gel-like soaps. We also offer units that convert special liquid soap into foam. Many people prefer the way foam hand soaps feels and cleans. Either choice will get your hands clean. Choosing a manual dispenser that turns liquid into foam just makes the experience feel a little more deluxe and lavish. Some of the foam units also use far less liquid, because it’s mixed with air during the dispensing. So you won’t have to refill them as often.

Manual dispensers aren’t just for work.
While manual dispensers are typically found in offices, restaurants, and schools, today, more and more people are buying them for homes as well.