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Manual hand soap dispensers are low maintenance so that you incur fewer costs. They provide an effective way for guests and staff members to sanitize and wash their hands. The soap dispensers are available in various choices for foam or liquid soap, top or bottom dispensing, and large or standard capacities. Check out the hand soaps and sanitizers available at Staples and find the best quality manual soap dispensers.

Manual hand soap dispensers have various benefits
They help to keep a bathroom or work area clean. The manual soap dispensers have large capacities to serve for a long time. It's easy to refill the dispensers since users only need to open the top and pour in the cleaning agent to the required level. Use a variety of products and solutions for soaps without having to buy a new soap dispenser. Manual hand soap dispensers keep the soap products clean and protected from contamination. Users can clean their hands without worrying who handled the soap before them.

The dispensers are affordable and individuals can choose those that fit their budget. Soaps are also available in different scents and colors providing options to consumers. Manual dispensers are of different sizes and styles to fit different spaces. Dispensers also prevent wastage of soap since they control the amount of cleaning agent dispensed. Many are environmentally friendly, and one can recycle and reuse them. A manual hand soap dispenser is easy to install.

Manual dispensers are ideal for use in different areas
Mount the dispensers in public restrooms to encourage hygienic washing of hands. They're common in manufacturing facilities, restaurants, healthcare buildings, schools, and offices. Aside from enhancing cleanliness, the manual hand soap dispensers also add to the design of a bathroom or cleaning area.

What factors are important to consider when selecting a manual hand soap dispenser?
Choose a liquid or foaming soap dispenser. A liquid dispenser produces the liquid form of soap, while a foaming dispenser delivers a soap lather. Liquid soap reduces microbial load as it encourages the user to rub their hands to form a lather. Foaming soap, with the soap already formed, is fun and pleasant to use. Look for quality manual hand soap dispensers that are mess-free. Some dispensers have premium designs that complement sophisticated bathroom spaces. Wall-mounted soap dispensers are ideal for areas with high traffic.

Which soaps are ideal for soap dispensers?
Soaps have different viscosities. Most soaps that are convenient for commercial use have viscosities ranging from 1,000 to 10,000  centipoises (cps). Viscosity varies depending on the thickness, evaporation, temperature, and other factors. The right type of soap should flow smoothly at room temperature.

What materials make up the manual soap dispensers?
Manual hand soap dispensers are available in stainless steel or plastic materials. Both materials are ideal depending on the type of washroom or business. Plastic dispensers are easy to clean and are suitable for small-scale businesses and schools. Stainless steel soap dispensers are heavy duty and convenient for areas prone to vandalism. They provide a professional and sleek finish. Stainless steel dispensers are also easy to clean, durable, and tough, making them ideal for busy washrooms.