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Masks & Respirators

Improve your personal protective equipment stash or add to your regular business wear with these masks and respirators. These masks are small enough to keep multiples stored without wasting storage space. The masks provide ample protection from small particles to protect your respiratory system.

Many of these masks are disposable, so you can use them for protection on rough days and toss them in the trash. Make cleanup a breeze with a disposable option that takes up little room in comparison to larger, reusable options. For businesses that rarely need respirators or masks, low-cost disposable options are ideal.

Some models are reusable, though the internal filter typically needs to be replaced. These allow you to change the filter to better match the particles in the air you are trying to avoid. Keep these in stock next to ear plugs and other personal protective equipment for a fully stocked supply cabinet that protects you and your employees.

Masks and respirators typically have many comfort features, including a molded nose bridge or a bendable bridge for the best fit. A secure seal around the top of the mask reduces fog on glasses for safety and comfort. Most models feature multiple straps for added comfort and adjustment options that can fit a range of users.

Breathing Valve
Opt for a mask or respirator that has a cool flow exhalation valve for the most comfort when breathing. This allows air to move out of the mask during exhalation, reducing heat and moisture as you work. These valves also ensure you get fresh air with each inhalation.

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3M Particulate Filters 5P71, P95, 10/Box
Item : 847563 / Model : 5P71
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  • Dimensions: 3.4"H x 4.2"L
  • Use with 3M respirators 5000 series or 3M cartridges 6000 series, and 3M filter retainer 501
  • Proves 95% effective against certain oil and non oil based particles
Gerson N95 Particulate Filter Respirator and Surgical Mask, 2,000/Carton
Item : 162217 / Model : 2130CCT
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  • Particulate filter respirator and Pairsocedure mask
  • 2,000 per carton
  • Pouch style with fluid-resistant layer
Allegro® Black Heavy Duty Nylon SCBA Storage Bag
Item : 1160993 / Model : 037-4100-45
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  • Dimensions: 13"(H) x 12"(W) x 30"(L)
  • Black
  • Carrying options: Shoulder strap, reinforced carry handle
MSA Optifilter Cartridge For OptimAir 6A PAPR
Item : 1161550 / Model : 454-10042346
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  • Red color coding
  • Resistance: Asbestos, Lead Paint Abatement, Chemical Processing, Coke Oven Applications, Foundry, Hazardous Materials Cleanup, Nuclear Facilities Work, Smelter
  • For use with OptimAir 6A PAPR
Honeywell® North Safety Tyvek® Bibbed Replacement Hood
Item : 1162326 / Model : 068-85302TBA
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  • Material: Spun bond polypropylene, coated spun bond polypropylene
  • For use with 85301TB air respirator
  • Features a noise dampening muffler assembly and a ratchet headgear assembly
Cordova Dust Masks with Elastic Straps, One Size, Case of 1,000 (CDM2)
Item : 2439011 / Model : CDM2
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  • Nuisance/Dust Mask
  • Includes Adjustable Aluminum Nose Piece
  • One Elastic Strap
Tronex Face Mask, Procedure Face Mask With Earloops, Unisize, Case (RP5085)
Item : 2521165 / Model : RP5085
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  • Virgin polyethylene (PE) material
  • 100% latex and powder free
  • Embossed texture for secure grip
Veridian Healthcare® Pocket Digital Pedometer, 1.25"H x 2.8"W x 0.3"D (19-005)
Item : 2122946 / Model : 19-005
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  • Pocket digital pedometer helps you to track
  • Pocket digital pedometer is suitable to calculate the number of steps take, calories burned and the distance/time traveled
  • Dimensions: 1.25"H x 2.8"W x 0.3"D