Mattel Apples to Apples Party Box Game (N-BGG15)

Item #: 1110694 | Model #: N-BGG15 | Customer #: PS:BingPLAs:1110694

About this product

Mattel Apples to Apples® Party box game is a funny game played with your family by selecting a card from your hand and if judge picks the same card you will win.

The family-friendly card game that's won numerous awards, Apples to Apples creates lots of laughter and party-time joy! Apples to Apples challenges you to think on your feet, get a little silly, and find out how your friends and family think. You'll be surprised time and again!

  • Includes: 504 Green And Red Cards, The Green Cards Have 2 Clues Per Card, The Red Cards Have 1 Clue Per Card
  • No. Of Players: 4 - 10
  • Fast Moving And Stimulating, Apples To Apples Is Perfect For Any Get-Together With Family And Friends
  • Select The Card From Your Hand That You Think Best Describes A Card Played By The Judge, If F The Judge Picks Your Card, You Win That Round