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Accessing high shelves or cleaning and changing light bulbs in overhead fixtures sometimes require a little extra reach. Medline stools provide the stable and sturdy support needed to handle these household tasks safely. Many models are also suitable for use as patient aids in hospitals, doctor's offices and other medical facilities.

Medline Stools Provide Flexible Support
These products include traditional single- or multi-step stools that give users a handy elevation boost as well as models you can stack to provide varied height options. Select stools are latex free, making them an ideal choice for patient care. Others are safe for use near MRI equipment. You can also choose a step stool with a handrail that provides users with extra stability.

Durable and Safe Step Stool Construction
Many Medline stools feature materials such as chrome-plated stainless steel that create a sturdy and easy-to-clean finish. The welded joints used to construct these products ensure reliable performance. Rubber step treads and feet coupled with tip-resistant designs offer safe footing. Height-adjustable stools lock together when stacked, providing flexible and stable support. These products also come in a variety of sizes. Choose a foot stool with a small platform for general household use, or select a larger model to provide patients with bedside or exam room movement assistance.

What's the Difference Between a Step Stool and a Step Ladder?
Both these products serve the same purpose, but there are differences between them. Stools are low, typically 32 inches tall or less. Step ladders can be as long as 20 feet. You can use each step on a stool, and they have no accessory shelf. The topmost step and top cap of a step ladder are structural supports and should not be used by climbers.

What Is a Step Stool Duty Rating?
Most climbing supports have a duty rating that indicates how much weight they can safely support. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provides standard ratings ranging from Type I, industrial products, to Type III, household ladders and stools. When choosing a climbing support, be sure its weight capacity is greater than the weight of the climber plus tools or materials.

What Are the Important Features of a Step Stool?
When selecting a climbing aid, look for a product that provides ample foot space so you can maintain your balance while working. The step stool should also have skid-proof steps that offer safe and stable footing. A tip-resistant design and slip-proof feet keep the stool in place and prevent mishaps.

How Tall Should a Step Stool Be?
Stools and ladders should put your work area within reach without forcing you to stretch or lean. When using a stool as a mobility aid near a bed or chair, it should provide users with an easy step down without exertion. Consider using stacking or multi-step stools for additional height options.

Climbing aids can simplify everyday household tasks or make it easy for recovering patients to stand or get out of bed. They have durable finishes that are simple to clean, and some have handles that provide extra stability and support. Browse the step stools available at Staples and find the products you need to meet household or medical facility requirements.
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