MicroMICR Ink Cartridges & Toner Cartridges

MicroMICR Ink & toner at Staples

MicroMICR printer cartridges are engineered to handle the specialized requirements of laser-printed checks, bank drafts and other financial documents. MICR stands for magnetic ink character recognition, which is a combination of unique fonts and magnetic inks or toners that allow the automated processing of checks and bank drafts. MicroMICR toner cartridges add MICR print capabilities to popular laser printers from manufacturers such as Lexmark, Hewlett Packard and Xerox. Staples carries a wide selection of MicroMICR products, as well as discount printer cartridges with MICR capabilities from other manufacturers.

Compatible MICR Printing
MicroMICR toner cartridges are a unique product that adds MICR print capability to cartridges from major printer manufacturers such as HP and IBM. Using OEM components instead of discount toner cartridges ensures complete compatibility and reliable printer operation. The proprietary toners used in MicroMICR printer cartridges are specially formulated to work with each manufacturer's equipment, so printed output is crisp and consistent. MicroMICR toner cartridges are also compatible with MicroMICR font cartridges. These cartridges provide convenient access to standard MICR fonts such as E-13B and CMC-7, even if your laser printer does not provide direct support for these typefaces.

The MICR Advantage
MicroMICR printer cartridges offer businesses excellent control over their financial documents and simplify the supply process. There's no need to order pre-encoded checks for multiple bank accounts, and blank check paper is readily available at Staples, so there's no waiting for blank pre-printed checks when supplies run out. MicroMICR toner cartridges also simplify the printing process since transactional documents for multiple accounts can all be printed using the same paper stock. Users can also add custom logos or signatures to issued checks and print financial documents at remote locations using MicroMICR printer cartridges.

Reliable Financial Printing
Combining OEM components with proprietary MICR toners, MicroMICR printer cartridges provide businesses with reliable check and bank draft printing. Third-party discount printer cartridges may appear to be a good deal, but they often use inferior components and toners that can reduce print quality. In the case of MICR printing, this may lead to rejected checks or inaccurate document processing. MicroMICR products are manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring business transactions are handled smoothly and accurately. All MicroMICR toner cartridges are assembled or manufactured in the United States and are backed by a one-year limited warranty. However, MicroMICR does not recycle used toner cartridges.

Choose MicroMICR toner cartridges and turn the office laser printer into a check printing device that will save time and money. MicroMICR products are compatible with laser printers built by major manufacturers such as Lexmark, HP and Xerox, so you're sure to find a printing solution that meets your business needs. Staples carries a full line of MicroMICR toner cartridges.