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Midwest Rake Axes, Hatchets & Picks

The right tools make yard work like digging, clearing trees and chopping firewood simple. Hoes and rakes cultivate recently cleared land for planting. A Midwest Rake pickaxe is critical for breaking through clay or other tough soil, and a hatchet makes quick work of fallen trees. Staples has a variety of cultivation and striking tools for residential and commercial work.

Choose the Right Tools for Clearing Trees
Axes are either single or double bit. A single bit has only one sharp edge on the head, and the handle is attached near the blunt edge. A single bit model is a good choice for quick jobs, and some people consider it safer with the sharp edge always pointed away from the user. A double bit axe has a sharpened blade on each side of the head, and the handle is attached in the middle making it feel balanced. It's very efficient and usually a better choice than a single bit axe for large jobs. Axe heads are generally made of steel and handles are either hardwood or fiberglass. Wood handles are traditional and easier to repair whereas fiberglass handles are lightweight.

A hatchet is essentially a smaller version of an axe designed for single-handed use. The smaller size is usually lightweight and requires less of a backswing. Hatchets usually have a head with a single sharpened blade and a blunt hammer shape on the opposite side. They are useful multipurpose tools, especially in smaller spaces where using an axe is impractical. Hatchets are popular among campers and hunters, and some are designed for the sport of throwing.

Use Midwest Rake Cultivating Tools to Revitalize Soil
After clearing trees, land usually needs to be cultivated before building a structure or planting a lawn or garden. Hoes and other cultivating tools are designed to turn soil, remove weeds and old roots and prepare soil for new plants. A loop hoe has a long handle and a head made of a double-edged metal blade bent into a rectangle. Handles are usually aluminum and blades can generally be replaced when necessary. Loop hoes cut and remove weeds near the root and are extremely efficient in loose soil.

A pickaxe is useful for gardening in hard clay soils or to loosen gravel. Pickaxes usually have steel heads with a sharp point on one side and a flat, sharp blade on the other. The handle is attached in the middle for equal leverage when using either side of the head. Pickaxes are available with fiberglass or hardwood handles.

Keep Tools Sharp
An axe or hatchet is only useful when the blade is sharp so regular maintenance is important. Steel wool works well for removing rust, and sandpaper is a simple tool for polishing the steel head. To sharpen the blade safely, first, clamp the axe in a vice and then use a mill file to sharpen. A coarse, tapered file works well for most axe and hatchet heads. Make sure to file both sides of the blade, and then use a whetstone to finely hone the blade. Staples is your source for striking tools and other gardening implements.
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Midwest Rake 42610 60" 2-Way Loop Hoe
Item : 1259064 / Model : 13300033
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  • Product Type: Loop Hoe
  • Handle Material: Aluminium
  • Head Material: Steel
28.49 $28.49
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Midwest Rake RP-5 5 lbs. Clay Pick Head
Item : 1259113 / Model : 13100219
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  • Product Type: Pick Head
  • Handle Material: Hickory
  • Head Material: Steel
44.39 $44.39