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Midwest Rake Wheelbarrows & Lawn Carts

Easily wheel dirt and compost to the curb or roll sod, soil or other landscaping materials to where they need to go with a wheelbarrow from Midwest Rake. Their simple one or two-wheel design glides across multiple ground types to move gardening and construction supplies. Choose between metal or plastic bins to suit your needs. Use their large handles to push or pull across the yard or work site. Staples carries a wide selection of gardening and construction tools, making it easy to find the right fit for personal or professional use.

Use Midwest Rake Wheelbarrows to Move a Variety of Lawn Care and Construction Products
From soil and gravel to pavers, mulch and plants, wheelbarrows make it simple to move lawn and garden products around the yard. Available in a variety of materials and designs, there's a wheelbarrow for every job. While lawn carts have flat sturdy shelves that are ideal for placing things on as you work, a wheelbarrow has deep sides to contain bulk amounts of items or products not housed in containers. Large poly tray carriers are well suited to moving large amounts of mulch, dirt and compost. Use a heavy-duty steel wheelbarrow to haul harder products like bricks, stones and tools from location to location. Models with reinforced steel bottoms are ideal for the toughest jobs, maintaining their shape and not bending or bowing while carrying extreme amounts of weight. Choose from 4, 6 or 10-cubic-foot options based on the size of the loads you know you need to move.

They are Easy to Move Empty or Full
A wheelbarrow is designed to give users the leverage they need to move large objects and heavy amounts of supplies in a single trip. Simply lift the two attached handles to move the center weight to the front wheel, which then glides across the ground as you push or pull it. A wheelbarrow with steel handles is ideal for moving heavy duty objects. The sturdy metal construction withstands greater amounts of weight without bending or snapping. Wood handles are well suited for smaller projects. Their lightweight nature makes them easy to grip and lift. Models with two wheels help keep the cart steady on uneven ground, spreading the load across more space.

Models with Flat-Free Tires Keep Rolling
A wheelbarrow with a flat tire isn't very useful until the tire is fixed. Models with flat-free tires, however, resist popping when they roll over sharp objects, like nails, glass or staples. They are ideal for environments like a construction site where tools and screws may fall on the ground in the path of the wheelbarrow. With no flat tires to fix, this technology allows for less downtime, allowing projects to continue on schedule. Abrasion, chemical and UV resistant, they work well in outdoor environments or inside locations such as factories and warehouses. The heavy-duty design features the same bounce and load handling capabilities as regular wheelbarrow tires, making them ideal for a wide variety of jobs.
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Seymour Midwest WB-JRB Children's Wheelbarrow Kit
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