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Modern Chairs USA Office Chairs

Choosing the right office chair is about more than just the features: the style is extremely important as well. Modern Chairs USA offers bold, contemporary designs that are at home in a cutting-edge office. Search Staples' wide selection to find a chair with the right features and style for your space.

Contemporary Office Chairs with a Range of Features
Most office chairs have a similar basic design: a wheelbase with several casters, a pneumatically adjustable seat, a swivel function and a backrest that's tall enough to reach the mid-back or upper back. Some styles have adjustable armrests as well. Many models are customizable with an adjustable tilt function that can lock into place and a movable backrest. Some chairs have an additional neck rest at the top of the back section, which can help support proper posture and reduce neck and shoulder strain. There are also forward-leaning chairs that help improve posture, especially for people who habitually slouch when sitting. Choose a chair that fits well: Your feet should comfortably touch the floor, the backrest should reach at least the middle of your back and the armrests should position your shoulders and elbows in a comfortable working position.

Find the Right Design for Your Office
An office chair should be both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. There are numerous styles to match different types of office decor. A large executive suite is an ideal location for a black leather chair with luxurious padding and all the bells and whistles. More compact chairs with fabric upholstery are better suited to smaller offices or cubicles. High-back mesh chairs usually have a slim profile and are generally comfortable for the majority of people, so they work well in a conference room. Black is the most common option for office chairs, but white or even a bright color such as red can be a stylish choice for a casual modern office. If you want to match minimalist decor, choose a chair with sleek lines.

What Types of Office Chairs Are Easiest to Clean?
Most mesh designs are easy to clean with soap and a damp cloth. Some fabrics can tolerate cleaning agents, while others only allow water. Genuine leather may require special care and maintenance, though leather-look alternatives are often easy to clean with just water.

What Are Ergonomic Features?
There are several ergonomic features in office chairs designed to reduce problems associated with sitting for long periods of time. Lumbar supports help keep the lower back properly aligned, and a waterfall seat design slopes gently forward to encourage blood circulation throughout the whole body. Some backrests have molded padding to support the entire length of the spine.

Are There Other Styles of Office Chairs?
While many people prefer the traditional chair design, there are alternatives. Exercise ball chairs can help improve posture by encouraging the user to engage core muscles. There are also balance stools that can move and tilt in several directions. Some people find kneeling chairs more comfortable than traditional chairs. No matter what style of office chair you're looking for, find it at Staples.
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Modern Chairs USA Soft Office Desk Chair; Orange
Item : WYF078278692687 / Model : 200-OE-OEL
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