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Moleskin rolls are perfect for athletes, hikers, or those with skin problems. Moleskin rolls adhere to your skin to create a protective barrier between your clothing or footwear to prevent unsightly blisters and reduce pain. Quality moleskin can help keep you protected against abrasion.

Reduces Irritation
Moleskin is the perfect solution to chaffing, redness, or irritation you experience when clothing rubs up against your skin. A trade secret of hikers and athletes alike, these self-adhering rolls can be cut to perfectly fit any trouble areas. The moleskin creates a protective barrier that stops the abrasion that leads to irritation and discomfort.

Protects Skin
For those who easily develop calluses or corns, Moleskin Rolls can help keep your skin soft and supple. Put moleskin on feet, toes, elbows, hands, or fingers to help prevent unsightly rough spots from appearing. By preventing blisters and other abrasions, moleskin can keep your skin intact that could help you avoid a potential infection. For more serious injuries, adhesive bandages and Band-Aids might be just what you need. Moleskin rolls are a must-have in any first-aid kit.

Delivers Substantial Coverage
Smaller-sized moleskin patches that are typically sold to hikers is that they don't always cover all skin areas that may be subject to irritation, but the wide selection of available moleskin rolls helps ensure you get the right fit every time. These rolls provide ample coverage for virtually any application and can easily be re-cut to the exact specifications desired. The ability to cut moleskin for the right fit ensures that you should have no problem covering heels, ankles, elbows, and almost any other body parts. A self-adhesive backing makes it easy to apply moleskin after obtaining the right size.

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