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Montgomery straps are the solution to keep patients comfortable during frequent dressing changes. These latex-free straps require no tape to be removed and reapplied, which can cause skin trauma with frequent dressing changes. They hold the dressing in place and leave little residue on the skin.

Flexible, Comfortable Secondary Dressing
Montgomery strips can often be cut to create the appropriate length. They are designed to be comfortable, strong, and breathable. Most designs are also hypoallergenic and latex-free. They serve as anchor tapes that can be left on for several days and only leave a little glue to be removed from the patient's skin. This helps keep the surrounding skin healthy and irritation-free, helping the patient stay comfortable and promoting healing.

Easy Securing
Health care workers can use twill ties or pieces of gauze to secure Montgomery straps over the dressing. The straps are usually secured with the ties laced fairly loosely in a crisscross fashion. Twill ties are not usually included. Many brands include double-reinforced eye holes that resist stretching or tearing.

Designed for Abdominal Wounds and More
Montgomery straps are most often used on patients who have recently experienced abdominal surgery, but they can be cut to be modified for use as a secondary dressing for many incisions or wounds. Montgomery strips are also particularly helpful in wound management for elderly patients who have skin that can be easily bruised or torn.

Purchase Options
Purchase Montgomery strips in a variety of quantities or sizes, ranging from small-count packages to cases. This provides options to clinics and hospitals to keep plenty of stock on hand.

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