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Moss Control

With various types of Moss Control, you can hit unsightly fungi and moss where it hurts, quickly and conveniently, all while ensuring the safety of family, friends and pets. Whether its for a spot treatment on a driveway or a large section of a lawn, moss control can help spruce up any environment.

Provides Safe Solutions
While the intention of killing unwanted moss and fungus is key, keeping everything else safe is the biggest priority. Safety-tested moss control will ensure the well-being of children, pets, wild animals, and even edible crops that it may be used on, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Delivers All-Natural Remedies
Organic moss control products teak further worry away. There is no need for unease about using highly fabricated, manufactured and toxic materials, because natural products are used to protect the environment as well. That means no more toxins or pollutants have to be released into the atmosphere.

Targets Quickly and Effectively
Moss control targets moss and similar fungi, whether it is in a large area surrounded by other vegetation or in small cracks or rocks around the lawn. Pairing moss control with equally safe and organic weed killers can provide an easy two-step process for keeping your lawn and landscape looking clean and professionally maintained.

Simple and Efficient Application
Moss control products can be used as either a spray for widespread coverage or a drench product for deep-treating defense against garden diseases. You can customize your use method to whichever is most convenient for you, or tailor it to the specific lawn and garden problem that arises. Or you can utilize both methods for alleviation and preventative measures.

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Serenade Garden AGRSER32 Garden Disease Control Fungicide
Item : 1261361
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  • Product Type: Fungicide
  • Fungicide that attacks harmful garden diseases
  • Controls black spot, powdery mildew, rust, gray mold, late blight and scab
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