Motor Skill Development

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Help children develop with a wide variety of toys and activities that stimulate motor skill development. Put these toys and activities in your day care or nursery toy chest and impress parents with their child's progress. Stimulate fine and gross motor skills with different toys and activities.

Gross Motor Skills
Help the children at your home or professional day care develop the skills they need to interact with the world thanks to toys and activities for gross motor skills. Give newborn and infants colorful and interesting toys to focus on so that they can develop neck muscles and head control. Use stand-up activity centers and pushcarts to encourage leg strength and muscle control as children learn to walk and play.

Fine Motor Skills
Stock your toy room with fun toys and activities that develop fine motor skills for future skills such as writing. Encourage your children to develop control over their fingers for precise activities with puzzles and bead mazes that require precise movements or grasping of small objects. Continue to develop fine motor skills, and foster creativity with pegboards and colorful rubber bands.

Lesson Aids
Get help planning your lessons for the day with toys that work with your lesson's theme and develop motor skills at the same time. Teach your little ones about music and rhythm, and develop their gross motor skills with children's xylophones, shakers, and tambourines. Learn about the ocean and the world of sea creatures, and encourage fine motor skill development with a water tub play set and graspable sea creature water toys.

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