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Bankers Box 12" x 4.25" x 9.63" Cardboard Magazine File, Woodgrain/White, Each (07223)
Item #513168
Model #07223
  • Magazine file is perfect for storing documents neatly on a shelf or desk
  • Corrugated construction with glued side panels in a combination of wood grain and white
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Macbeth Fashion  Magazine File, HulaMacbeth Fashion  Magazine File, Hula
Item #952692
Model #36017
  • Fashionable Macbeth designs coordinate with other storage and desk products
  • Holds magazines, catalogs and papers uprigtht on desk or counter
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Design Ideas Paper Newsprint Magazine File (3060963)
Out of Stock
Item #24214474
Model #3060963
  • Magazine file
  • Multicolored paper and fabric

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