Video Editing & Music Software

High-quality video-editing and conversion tools are available with an array of programs that can replicate sophisticated technology that was once the domain of professional videographers. Video-editing software has kept pace with the many devices that capture video of cinematic quality, including 4K smartphones, digital SLR cameras, image-sensing cameras, drone video recorders, and handheld action cams. Video-conversion software provides the technology for transferring videos faithfully onto disk media for playback or storage, and editing software provides all of the technological adjustments and enhancements necessary to personalize the video production. Music-editing software works alongside these tools to provide a full-bodied sensory experience that many people can share directly on social media. Check out Staples® for an extensive choice of software that lets both beginners and more experienced users produce videos that are singular creations.

Video-Editing Software Contains the Basics for Producing Quality Videos
An extensive variety of software programs let users transform raw video footage into compelling cinematic format. Basic tools include video-clip cropping, splicing, and edge-trimming, filters for correcting brightness, contrast, saturation, and color balance, and stabilizers for reducing video-clip shuddering, useful particularly for drone cameras. Other programs offer chroma-key green-screening to insert different backgrounds against video objects, as well as picture-in-picture effects, animated transitioning, and slow- and fast-motion effects. Text, title, and particle overlays let you create on-screen menus, subtitling with different fonts, colors, and even 2D rotating effects, and artificial effects like fire and bubbles.

Advanced Video-Editing Software Programs Provide Several Sophisticated Tools
Some progressive video-editing features are also available, many as part of software programs that offer unlimited track editing with hundreds of postproduction presets and plug-ins. Advanced features include 2D to 3D conversion with contrasting color depth, motion tracking that lets you add hundreds of different graphics or text to any object moving in your video, including mosaic blurs to hide faces, and full HD stop-motion animation that lets you capture shots frame-by-frame and pull them into a motion-packed animated video. Other advanced tools include multi-camera editing, using the footage from up to six cameras to create videos containing different scene angles, with cutting and transition tools to create a more dynamic video flow.

How Do You Convert Videos Created With Video-Editing Software?
The editing software for creating videos also works in conjunction with video-conversion tools to burn videos onto DVD and Blu-ray® disks. Some of the conversion software lets users download online videos from YouTube™ or Google Videos™ and convert them into video file formats. Video-conversion software works with the dozens of existing video input and output files, including AVI, MP4, MPG, MPEG, 3GP, 3G2, MOV, WMV, FLV, ASF, RMVB, and DivX, and with disk formats offering high-definition video output.

How Does Audio Fit in With Video-Editing Software?
The software for creating videos also works in conjunction with software to manipulate audio files and clips for adding sound or voiceovers to your video. Many music-editing software programs offer preset, canned music clips that you can add to your videos. Others let you convert music from LPs, old cassettes, and thousands of internet radio stations and insert them into videos, or to create unique soundtracks from chord progressions in songs, even transposing them as necessary. You can even transcribe your own music into recordings for video, and make videos of the notes and signatures as you play them.

How Easy Is It To Use Video-Editing Software To Share Your Videos?
All of the video-creation programs export your projects into a video file. Most of the programs can also upload your videos directly from export menus to place on sites such as YouTube and Facebook®.