Netgear NAS / Cloud Storage

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Build a robust cloud storage system for your home or office by backing up all your files onto a NETGEAR® NAS storage device. This brand offers a wide selection of network-attached storage devices for personal and business users. In addition to providing ready and secured data backup, these devices also make sharing files easy between multiple users. Staples has a large inventory of such NAS units from Netgear and other leading storage and networking equipment brands.

Choose the Right Netgear NAS Storage for Your Needs
Netgear offers two lines of networked storage devices under its ReadyNAS series. These are the desktop-class NAS towers for business and home users and the slim-chassis rackmount NAS units that sit on server racks. The rackmount models are for large organizations that need highly scalable NAS solutions and advanced features. Networked storage devices come in different capacities. Netgear ReadyNAS units offer maximum storage capacities between 12TB and 80TB. While a 12TB unit is suitable for backing up a single PC, you may need more storage space if you have multiple computers, want to build a media server, require NAS for a business environment, or need RAID support. A quick way to estimate the maximum storage capacity offered by a network-attached storage device is to count the number of hard disk bays it has. Netgear NAS units have 2 to 8 bays.

Build a Custom Cloud Storage Solution with a Diskless NAS Device
A diskless NAS comes without any hard disk drives pre-installed. Unlike a standard NAS system, you can easily add hard disks from your favorite brand to a diskless or BYOD (Bring Your Own Drive) NAS. While you can mix drives from different manufacturers, you must make sure they are all compatible with your diskless NAS. When judging compatibility, consider the physical sizes of the hard disks as well as their computer bus interfaces. To make it easier for find hard disks for your BYOD NAS, get a model that supports both 2.5 and 3.5-inch hard drives. There are other benefits to choosing a diskless NAS. For example, you can easily upgrade the total capacity of your networked storage with hard disks of higher capacities. Manufacturers usually offer more features on their diskless NAS models than comparable disk-full units.

What Processors Do Netgear ReadyNAS Devices Use?
ReadyNAS models use different types of processors depending on their storage capacity and intended application. The entry-level models have quad-core ARM processors while the mid-range ones use Intel® Atom™ processors. High-end ReadyNAS devices run on Intel Pentium® and Xeon® processors made for servers.

Why Do You Need Two Ethernet Ports on an NAS?
Network-attached storage devices need two Ethernet ports for failover and load balancing. When used in failover mode, the second port keeps the NAS unit connected to your network if the first port fails. When used in load balancing mode, the second port shares some of the incoming traffic to ease the load on the first one. This maintains file transfer speeds when a lot of users connect to the NAS device at the same time.

Do You Need a 10Gigabit Ethernet Port for Your NAS?
Most NAS devices only have dual Gigabit Ethernet ports. These have a maximum transfer speed of 1Gbps. 10Gigabit Ethernet ports can deliver 10 times this speed. Choose a NAS with this port if you want a networked storage device for a medium or large office with more than 40 users.