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Viruses, spyware and other types of malware are inevitable when using the Internet. Norton AntiVirus protects desktops, laptops and mobile devices from the various threats they encounter.

Compare Coverage Options for One or More Devices
There are several levels of protection with antivirus programs. The optimal option depends on how many devices must be protected and which types of devices a user wants to cover. The basic antivirus protection is sufficient for one personal computer that runs on a Windows operating system. Those who use an Apple computer need a higher level of protection due to the differences in operating systems. Families or business users benefit from the multi-device protection options offered by deluxe and premium versions of Norton.

Smart Firewall Options Provide Additional Protection
Norton utilizes several different techniques to keep malware off of a computer. A firewall is one of the most straightforward ways to minimize threats. Norton uses a two-way firewall. This feature detects incoming threats and denies them access to the computer. If a computer does obtain a virus, the two-way firewall prevents the computer from transmitting the threat to others via wireless network, e-mail or files.

Back up Data With Cloud Options and Automatic Backups
When a computer contracts malware, data is often corrupted or lost entirely. Norton offers several backup options to prevent a virus attack from permanently destroying important documents. Remote online backup options work on Windows and Apple computers. Users can back up their files anywhere they have an Internet connection. Once you reach the initial backup limit, Norton offers expandable storage space options. Files are encrypted for an additional layer of security.

Does Norton Offer Safe Internet Browsing Features?
Norton Internet security products offer several safe browsing features. These programs allow parents to monitor their children's online activity, block specific websites and website categories, set time limits for Internet activity and supervise social media activity. Many Norton personal and business products include safe browsing options that block access to select websites.

How Are Online Transactions Secured?
Each online transaction and login sequence transmits personal information across the Internet. Norton Internet security products encrypt this information before it is sent to the website, protecting information from unauthorized access.

Do Norton Products Cover Mobile Devices?
Tablets and smartphones are just as susceptible to malware as laptops and desktops. Mobile products are prone to a greater range of threats since many users rely on unsecured Wi-Fi connections when they're on the go. Norton Mobile Security screens apps and blocks those that access personal information or alter a device's operating system. This product notifies users when they are using the Internet over an unsecured Wi-Fi connection and when they access websites that contain spyware. Another key feature of this product is Privacy Report. Privacy Report offers comprehensive data on which apps and websites access your contacts, e-mail, browser history, account data and more.

Norton AntiVirus is a streamlined security solution for personal users, business users and those with multiple devices to protect.
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