OGIO Backpacks
An OGIO backpack makes school, outdoor sports, commuting, and traveling easier by offering a convenient way to store and carry various items. These backpacks come in a wide variety of sizes and designs customized for every activity. From student models with room for a laptop to outdoor styles for a backpacking adventure, you can find the right Ogio product for your needs at Staples.

Benefits of Ogio Backpacks
Ogio offers numerous styles of leather backpacks each optimized for specific activities. Students will appreciate models with multiple sections and pockets as well as dedicated areas for a laptop and a tablet. The laptop compartment features a reactive suspension system that helps protect against damage from impact. Some rolling backpacks have additional crush-resistant foam-lined pockets for phones, cameras, and other fragile devices. Many styles have numerous zippered pockets to keep various items securely organized.

These high-quality laptop backpacks have padded, ergonomic shoulder straps and breathable mesh on the back panel for a comfortable fit. Many outdoor styles have a slimmer profile to keep trail necessities close without additional weight or bulk. Some also include an external pocket for a water bottle and a hard-sided pocket to keep fragile technological devices safe. Ogio backpacks feature durable fabrics in a variety of colors as well as heavy-duty zippers.

OGIO Backpacks Allow You to Choose the Best Features for Your Lifestyle
Those who travel often may want an Ogio backpack with a "checkpoint friendly" laptop compartment that folds down completely to meet security requirements. If you're looking for a compact gym bag, choose a style with a top-loading main compartment for easy access to s towel and water bottle and an internal padded pocket for valuables. There are also several models of pink backpacks with specific features for athletes: a gear vault for balls and accessories, room for a laptop, an insulated compartment for food and a separate external water bottle pocket. Some even include a water-resistant bottom panel to protect gear during outdoor activities. For commuters or students who don't want a large backpack, there are slim styles with room for a laptop and tablet, along with just enough additional storage space for valuables and a few documents.

Are OGIO Backpacks Gender-Neutral?
Many models work equally well for men and women. However, there are some styles specifically designed for one gender. These usually include specific ergonomic features, size considerations, and certain colors or patterns.

What Makes a Motorcycle Bag Different from an OGIO Backpack?
Ogio makes several backpacks designed specifically for motorcyclists. A motorcycle style pack has an aerodynamic shape with extra padding along the back for comfort and soft shoulder straps that won't dig in or pull at high speeds. Most styles also feature reflective details, a protected pocket for valuables and another for shoes to make professional commuting easy. There's also a removable strap for carrying your helmet.

How to Choose the Right Size OGIO Backpack?
It's important to choose an OGIO backpack that's large enough to hold all your gear but not so big it limits movement or causes back pain. A backpack should fit snugly to the back between the shoulders and hips. A sternum strap or hip belt can help balance the load and keep the pack secure.