OR Clean-up Kits

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Use OR clean-up kits to absorb moisture and reduce the chance of cross contamination. Make the OR turnover easy with impervious table sheets and soft and strong draw/lift sheets, included in the kit.

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Since the operating room presents a high-risk environment, it is crucial that moisture is properly managed in order to prevent cross contamination. The OR clean-up kit is a valuable part of this process, and comes with all the necessary items, including a table sheet, a soft and exceptionally strong draw/lift sheet, armboard covers and arm straps, head positioner cover, draw tape bags and disposable washcloths. Proper use of the kit's range of products ensures moisture is eliminated, reducing cross contamination and creating a safe environment for the next patient.

Simplifying OR turnover
Using the carefully designed, latex-free kit can provide hospitals with the opportunity to make the best use of surgeons' time. The kit helps to reduce moisture and cross contamination, transforming the OR turnover into an efficient, well-managed process. This can, in turn, lead to increased productivity and help to optimize income.

Easy disposal
With disposable washcloths included in the kit, simply get rid of items easily and eliminate opportunities for bacteria. Use a biohazard step can to ensure safe disposal after use. Constructed with heavy-duty steel, the can is made to last with a leakproof plastic liner and gasket rim.

Scientifically proven
The kit's proven technology makes it impervious to fluids, ensuring high resistance to moisture and greatly decreasing the risk for moisture retention. Use With impervious armboard covers, arm straps and head positioner cover, the kit covers all areas vulnerable to contamination.

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