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Orange Benches & Beam Seating

Updating a room in the house or expanding seating capacity in the office can be challenging. A bench in a fresh color, like an orange bench, is both practical and stylish. Benches convert unused space at the end of the bed or in a break room into a comfortable spot to sit or get dressed.

How to Look for a New Bench for the Office
Every reception area needs to look both inviting and professional. Whether it's welcoming a prospective customer, a potential hire, or existing business contact, a bench is an easy way to outfit a waiting room. Upholstered seats with high-density foam are fashionable and comfortable. Leatherette and genuine leather cushions have a contemporary feel and are easy to maintain.

Chrome legs offer timeless appeal. Modular bench configurations allow customization to use any room as efficiently as possible. All-metal benches have a minimalist silhouette and could be used with separate cushions for more comfort and flexibility.

Selecting Different Styles of Benches
Placing a lounge bench against an office wall is a cost-effective way to make more use of limited space to conduct impromptu meetings and strategy sessions. Colleges and adult educational facilities can use beam seating along classroom building corridors and in various lobbies throughout campus as rest areas for students. Long, armless benches could also double as a cot for employees, like medical professionals, who work long shifts and need to recline for a few minutes.

Entryway benches come in a wide variety of options and turn a hallway into a welcoming niche to remove muddy shoes during inclement weather. Benches with storage cubbies provide young students and children a place to stash wet boots before they track dirt into the classroom. Accent benches add a fashionable touch to a bedroom or guest room.

What Is Beam Seating?
Beam benches refer to individual seats connected to a common spine, or beam, and are usually permanently attached to the wall or the floor. They are an excellent option for large public waiting rooms like medical facilities and government offices. Selecting different colors like red, yellow or orange beam seating offers choices to match or complement different preferences and decor. Metallic and wood construction give you a wide array of styles to choose from to complement any space.

What Are the Advantages of Storage Benches?
Storage benches have removable tops and hollowed-out centers to create more storage for household or office items. A storage bench at the end of the bed in the master bedroom holds extra towels, pillows, or out of season clothing. Using a storage bench with a hinged lid in the living room as the coffee table provides a comfy spot to rest your feet as well as discreet, hidden storage for photos, remote controls, and game consoles when not in use.

How Do You Select an Outdoor Bench Properly?
Verify that the manufacturer has rated the materials for outdoor use. Also, cushions made from waterproof upholstery can withstand rainstorms during the spring and summer. Benches made from cast-iron, aluminum, coated plastics, and some woods like teak and cedar can live outside year-round.
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