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Oregon Axes, Hatchets & Picks

A strong, reliable ax is a must-have in any lumber or forestry project. From cutting down trees to splitting logs, ax and hatchet options make outdoor tasks easier and less strenuous. Staples offers a wide variety of Oregon axes and other wood chopping implements tailored to different jobs.

Axes of Different Dimensions and Weights Suit Each Task
Dimensions are one of the primary areas in which axes differ from each other. When purchasing an ax, it is all about balance. Strength is important, but you should also be able to easily control it. Longer handles provide increased cutting power and less control, while shorter handles are easier to control but may require more cuts. Large axes work best for large lumber jobs and thick trees. These often have handles ranging from 23 inches to 36 inches. Shorter varieties are ideal for small cutting jobs and backpacking trips. These models are usually considerably shorter, often falling between 11 inches and 14 inches. Blade dimensions also vary between tools with sizes ranging from 4.5 inches to 6 inches.

Consider Axes with Durable Materials
Well-constructed tools made with high-quality materials can last decades, even through frequent demanding jobs. Small, lightweight ax options often feature stainless steel construction. This material is easier to transport if you plan on carrying it on camping or backpacking trips, but it does not offer the power of forged steel. Oregon and many other companies use forged steel for their blades, significantly increasing their weight. Lightweight blades tend to weigh between 2 and 3 pounds while heavy blades can weigh over 6 pounds. Ax or hatchet handles should be as sturdy as the blade. Many tools use hickory, a heavy, dense wood that can withstand heavy usage.

Ax Handle Designs Keep Users Comfortable
It's important to protect your hands, particularly if you use an ax or hatchet for hours at a time. Different design features protect hands and minimize strain. Wooden handles naturally absorb shock, a necessary feature when taking on a challenging cutting job. Metal handles are often found on hatchets. They are lightweight and easy to control. Some handles have rubber coating for a solid grip, while others have notches for users' fingers.

Evaluate Single-Bit and Double-Bit Axes
Axes and hatchets may have single-bit designs or double-bit designs. Single-bit options have one cutting surface. The other side of the tool generally lies flush with the handle. Double-bit options have a blade on each side. This feature centers the handle between the two blades. A single-bit ax offers faster cutting and more power, while a double-bit ax is useful for more tasks and has a more balanced swing.

Benefits of Straight and Rounded Cutting Surfaces
Hatchet and ax models use flat cutting surfaces or rounded cutting surfaces. Each works best for different tasks, so it is helpful to have both. A straight ax head is helpful for shaping and chipping away at wood, rather than cutting straight through it. Rounded ax heads are meant for chopping and splitting since a smaller surface area initially makes contact with the wood. This allows the ax head to cut more deeply with each swing.

Oregon axes provide options for labor-intensive cutting tasks. Browse options to find an ax that balances power, control and durability.
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Oregon 23565 3.2 oz. Tree Felling Wedge
Item : 1260017
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  • Product Type: Wedge
  • Color: Yellow
  • Material: Plastic
9.19 $9.19
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Oregon 28842 3 Count 3/16" File Replacement Stones
Item : 1259958
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  • Product Type: Replacement Stone for Chainsaw File
  • Stones are easily replaced on most electric chain sharpeners
  • Keep cutting chain sharp for optimum chainsaw performance and safety
9.79 $9.79