Organic Arabica Coffee

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Feel good about protecting the environment every time you brew organic Arabica coffee. Organic coffee beans are usually shade-grown crops cultivated with organic fertilizers like compost and coffee pulp. Since farmers use no synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides to grow organic coffee, there are no harmful chemical residues in the grounds or brews prepared from these beans. Staples® carries multiple brands of organic coffee products made from Arabica beans.

Enjoy the Richness of Organic Arabica Coffee in Different Forms
Arabica is the more premium cultivar of coffee. It produces drinks with stronger aromatic flavors than Robusta beans. It is also less bitter. You can choose between coffee products made with 100 percent Arabica or a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans. Organic coffee prepared with Arabica beans comes in different forms. They are available as whole beans, grounds, instant coffee, and single-serve pods. The right one for you depends on personal preferences and the kind of coffee maker you have.

Choose instant coffee products if you like your morning cup fast and hot. Brewing with coffee capsules or pods takes less time than with grounds. If you want more control over brewing conditions like water temperature and duration of brewing, consider organic coffee grounds. Coffee connoisseurs prefer whole beans. These offer a subtle richness in flavor produced by grinding them just before brewing.

Consider Roast, Flavor, and Origin When Shopping for Organic Arabica Coffee Products
Besides the presentation of organic coffee products made from Arabica coffee, you should also consider taste, aroma, and other characteristics like body, acidity, and balance. The major factors determining these features are bean origin, roast, and added flavor. The geographical origin of coffee influences its flavor profile. For example, beans grown in Central America and Colombia tend to be mildly acidic and have fruity undertones. African coffee possesses stronger overtones with syrupy, floral, spicy, chocolate, and citrus flavors.

You can only fully enjoy these flavors in light roast coffees. Dark roast beans present bittersweet flavors resulting from caramelization after prolonged roasting. Very dark roast beans have a burnt aftertaste and are ideal for preparing espressos. For a balanced flavor profile, choose medium roast Arabica coffee. In addition to origin and roast flavors, manufacturers can also add secondary flavors to instant coffee and coffee capsules.

What Is Fair Trade Organic Arabica Coffee?
Fair Trade coffee comes from small farms where farmers receive fair payments for their produce. This is a guarantee that coffee growers are receiving sustainable compensation for their labor. When farmers receive fair prices for their coffee, they are more likely to abide by the principles of organic farming while cultivating their beans.

How Do You Identify Organic Arabica Coffee Products?
In the US, the USDA certifies all organic products. Look for the USDA Organic mark on the product labels. The United States Department of Agriculture only awards certification after determining that the coffee came from a land not exposed to synthetic pesticides for the past three years and that cultivation follows sustainable agricultural practices.

Is There Decaffeinated Organic Arabica Coffee?
Yes. While the conventional process of decaffeinating coffee beans uses chemical solvents, it is possible to produce decaf organic coffee without them. One popular method, known as the Swiss Water Process, involves removing caffeine from beans by soaking them in hot water.
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