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OttLite Desk Lamps

A desk lamp provides task lighting by illuminating a small area with bright and focused light. You can use an OttLite desk lamp as a reading lamp or to light up your office desk while working. Staples carries a wide selection of these lamps from OttLite and other brands. They come in a wide variety of colors, designs and finishes and you can easily find one that fits with your decor.

Choose from a Wide Range of Desk Lamp Designs
The typical desk lamp has a hooded light source at the end of a movable arm. The hood or lamp head focuses the light from the bulb downwards towards the desktop. With the adjustable arm, you can easily bring the light source closer to the task on your desk or pull it away. The most popular types of this light fixture are piano, adjustable arm, gooseneck, clip-on, organizer, magnifying and multi-light desk lamps. The traditional piano or banker's lamp has a horizontal glass shade, a brass stand and a pull-chain. A magnifying desk lamp has an integrated magnifier that is suitable for reading and detailed work. An adjustable arm lamp has a stand with a movable elbow joint while a gooseneck lamp has a flexible neck. A multi-arm lamp has a tree-like design that incorporates multiple adjustable light bulbs in a single unit. Clip-on desk lamps clamp to the edges of work desks while organizer lamps have storage compartments for pens and other desktop office accessories.

Enjoy the Convenience of LED OttLite Desk Lamps
LED bulbs offer many advantages over other light bulb technologies. Compared to incandescent, halogen and CFL bulbs, LED lamps run cooler, last longer and are more energy efficient. They get very bright while drawing only a fraction of the power consumed by incandescent light bulbs. You can enjoy these benefits by swapping the incandescent bulb in your lamp for an LED bulb. Low power consumption also means that desk lamps with integrated LED light strips can come in small sizes and run on rechargeable batteries.

Do you Need a Dimmer on a Desk Lamp?
Yes. A dimmer improves the function of a task light by providing full control over its brightness. Reassembling a small gadget you took apart requires bright, focused light, but you only need moderately bright light from your desk lamp while reading. A dimmer also makes it possible to use a desk lamp for accent lighting. If you cannot find a lamp with a dimmer, get one with a high/low or three-way switch.

What are Full-Spectrum Lamps?
Full-spectrum lighting produces bright, white light that simulates natural daylight. Full-spectrum lamps emulate the appearance of midday sunlight by producing the full electromagnetic spectrum of light. They are ideal for task and reading lamps because they produce low-glare light and minimize eye strain. Full-spectrum lamps usually have modified incandescent bulbs that filter certain colors with neodymium magnets or fluorescent tubes made with rare earth phosphors.

What Kind of Bulbs Should you get for Your OttLite Desk Lamp?
The right light bulb depends on the design of the lamp and how you use it. Some lamps only use certain kinds of bulbs. For example, most piano lamps only take short fluorescent tubes. If you use your desk lamp mostly for task lighting, get a halogen, CFL or LED bulb. Make sure not to exceed the recommended wattage for the lamp. To avoid sacrificing brightness or lifespan, get a low-wattage energy-efficient LED bulb for your desk lamp.
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OttLite Cone Desk Lamp - Silver
Item : 164300 / Model : 286SV9
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  • Desk lamp
  • Adjust from 4" to 12" high
  • It uses 8 x .4w Super Bright OttLite LEDs and has a detachable adaptor
59.99 $59.99
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OttLite 13w Slimline Desk - Black
Item : SS2036618
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  • Includes energy efficient 13w OttLite HD Bulb – rated to last up to 10,000 hours
  • Height 16.06"
  • Available in Black and White finishes
As low as 54.99 $54.99
Multiple options available
Ott-Lite LED Task Lamp
Item : SS2036614
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As low as 52.99 $52.99
Multiple options available
OttLite HD VisionSaver Plus Executive Desk Lamp, Black
Item : 555290 / Model : 0641
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  • Includes 13-watt natural daylight technology bulb
  • Modern design with black color
  • Adjustable height from 14-1/2 to 28 inches
64.99 $64.99
OTT-LITE VisionSaver Plus ®Clip-On Lamp
Item : 615772 / Model : L13339
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  • • VisionMax technology reproduces full spectrum sunlight indoors
  • • Only original OTT-LITE®natural lighting is scientifically formulated with a unique blend of rare earth phosphors designed to enhance vision and viewing comfort
  • The low-heat, low-glare illumination relieves eyestrain and makes reading longer more enjoyable
49.99 $49.99
Ott-Lite® VisionSaver™ Flexible Task Lamp, Champagne
Item : 793762 / Model : 848MG2
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  • Champagne color with gloss finish
  • Height: 10 1/2"-18"
  • Flexible neck adjusts shade easily
29.99 $29.99