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Overland Blank Media

Small and mid-size businesses and IT work stations generate a flow of data that can overwhelm computer systems. Overland® tape libraries consist of external hard drives and tape cartridges that archive data, back up computer systems, and maintain an entire electronic footprint in case of computer system failure.

The Overland Tape Library System Has Two Components
Overland Storage® hard-drive and tape-cartridge storage arrangements consist of an NEO® series of multiple-slot hard drives that can transfer a massive amount of data onto a series of tape cartridges in a single location. This library system has the capacity to store between 120 terabytes and 8.5 petabytes, with a data transfer rate of between 504 gigabytes and 114 terabytes per hour.

The Overland tape library system also employs Linear Tape Open Ultrium™ technology, an open-format, generation-derivative system that is the industry standard for massive, single-drive and single-cartridge data storage and security. The Overland Storage LTO tape system has a high-end capacity of transferring and storing up to 15 terabytes of data onto a single tape at a transfer rate of 2.7 terabytes per hour. LTO technology works backward and forward to previous and successive LTO generations. Each tape has a 30-year archival life. Tapes come with encryption software to meet security protocols and have a durability rating of 20,000 end-to-end passes.

The Overland Tape Library Allows Remote Management
Businesses do not need dedicated IT staff to maintain the security of NEO-generated tape libraries. Overland Storage provides an off-site administrative and monitoring system that works over Ethernet technology to deliver seamless configuration and archival intelligence. The system delivers tape drive and cartridge indicators to users for routine status checks. It alerts users with emails or SNMP traps if the archiving process is encountering any aberrant activity. The remote-management system also performs diagnostics on preset schedules and installs any upgrades automatically.

How Does the Overland Tape Library Organize Data?
The Overland Storage NEO system offers archival partitioning, so users can transform a single physical library into multiple libraries and customize them by subject, date, or other parameters. Users can also access and manipulate data across libraries while retaining data in storage and interface simultaneously with different backup servers regardless of user-system connections, peripherals, command configurations, and networking protocols.

Can You Expand and Upgrade the Overland Tape Library?
NEO drive and tape libraries are dynamic. Users can adjust their data performance and storage needs on demand with minimal disruption to existing functionality while also ensuring full protection of archived data. Modular changes support the expansion of tape drives and cartridge slots into a variety of storage configurations, and tape drives are interchangeable among NEO libraries. The backward-compatibility of drives means that no data gets left behind during expansion. All expansion and upgrading functions are user-friendly, so they don’t require extra vendor or in-house administrative expenses.

Are the NEO and LTO Components of Overland Tape Libraries Compatible?
NEO series drives function with all LTO tapes. One Overland Storage NEO series line also operates with Linear Tape File System technology, an industry-wide, licensed system that partitions LTO media into two segments. One LTFS partition consists of a command and directory architecture that lets users access archived files. The other contains the file data, which are made accessible in a normal Windows file structure for retrieval and processing purposes. At the same time, NEO software automatically replicates the exported LTO tape cartridge for partitioning, protecting all data at once.
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Overland OV-LTO901605 2.5TB Native/6.25TB Compressed LTO-6 Data Cartridge
Item : IM1QR3388 / Model : OV-LTO901605
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  • Data cartridge is recommended for use with all Overland LTO tape drives, tape autoloaders and tape libraries
  • Storage capacity: 2.5TB native/6.25TB compressed
  • Tape technology: LTO-6
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