Oxygen Cylinder Carts & Wrenches

Set store
Oxygen-cylinder carts make it easy to stay active while on oxygen therapy. Wheeled carts hold the oxygen cylinder securely in place, take minimal effort to pull, and fold to facilitate storage. Sturdy wrenches open oxygen canisters quickly and easily for fast changes to prevent distress.

Prepare for Respiratory Emergencies
A ready supply of oxygen wrenches keeps you prepared for quick tank changes when your oxygen supply runs low. Store a wrench in an easily accessible location in every area of your home for quick changes where ever you need them. Bulk purchases allow health care centers to distribute wrenches to all their care providers so that there is always a wrench available when it is needed.

Increase Independence
Easy-to-use oxygen wrenches and carts provide respiratory patients with the tools they need to stay independent. Carts roll easily on a variety of surfaces indoors and out to improve patient mobility and encourage physical activity while oxygen bags transport oxygen cylinders during wheelchair use. Convenient wrenches make it easy for patients and care givers to open and shut tanks to replace empty cylinders effortlessly.

Stand up to Heavy Use
Quality metal wrenches last for a long time and stand up well to repeated use. Heavy-duty carts roll smoothly even after heavy use. Select cart models with sturdy casters and durable metal frames for long distance transport.

Provide Backup
Store extra oxygen carts and wrenches in your car, at work, and at homes where you regularly visit. Extra carts reduce the need to lift carts into and out of vehicles and buildings, and ensure patients have access to mobility when they need it.

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