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Canon A30 Black Toner Cartridge, Standard Yield (1474A002AA)Canon A30 Black Toner Cartridge, Standard Yield (1474A002AA)
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Model #1474A002AA
  • Standard toner; up to 3000 pages
  • The package includes one black toner cartridge
  • Original Canon toner cartridges deliver long-lasting quality to all your photos and documents
A diverse assortment of Canon PC-6 toner units, along with other office support equipment and replacement items for Canon printers and copy machines are available at Staples for convenient and reliable printing solutions in different workstations. The ideal toner cartridge provides constant print speeds and volumes and is also cost-efficient during its life span. Choosing the right unit depends on the toner color, compatibility, type of unit, and the expected document volume, among other factors.

Monochrome toner units for the Canon PC-6
The Canon PC-6 copies documents and outputs in black and white. Single-color toner cartridges provide vivid and deep black prints that are suitable for professional-grade office print work. The monochrome unit offers more significant savings on printing costs because it uses up less energy and is economical on toner.

Consider the compatibility
It's essential to confirm the make and model of a copy machine to ascertain whether Canon PC-6 toner units are compatible. Copy machines come in different forms, and some work only with single or multiple units.

Decide on a type of Canon PC-6 toner unit
Canon manufacturers offer original high-quality toner units that come set up in brand new PC-6 model copy machines for fast print speeds and high page volumes. The OEM (original equipment manufacturer) toner cartridges come with reliable warranties and are easy to install for good customer satisfaction.

Third-party manufacturers build generic units from new parts and offer them as practical and cost-effective replacements for compatible printers. It's recommendable to find generic Canon PC-6 toner units from certified and trustworthy toner dealers who can stand behind their products to prevent inconvenience.

Remanufactured units are ideal for the eco-friendly company because they come from recycled OEM cartridges, which printer experts and manufacturers clean and reconstruct at their outlets. They provide significant savings on printing costs per document and also minimize environmental impact by reducing e-waste levels in dumps.

What's the expected document volume?
Standard toner units offer reliable print speeds and yields of up to 3,000 pages, which is suitable for low-scale printing in homes and paperless offices. High-capacity (XL) and extra high-capacity (XXL) toner units are ideal for printing higher volumes, and they also provide better economic value from printing cost savings in the long term.

Which copy machines are compatible with the Canon PC-6 toner unit?
The Canon A30 copy machine is compatible with PC-6 toner cartridges.

What does a yield of 3,000 pages at five percent mean?

It means the toner will produce an average of 3,000 pages, with only five percent of each page full of print. The page yield may vary depending on the original toner cartridge content, saturation, and clean cycles, among others.

When is it best to replace a toner unit?
It's recommended to replace a toner unit as soon as the toner runs out to prevent inconveniences and unnecessary breaks in productivity.