Padded Envelopes & Bubble Mailers

Bubble mailers add a protective layer that safeguards valuable goods during the shipping process. They come in a variety of styles, sizes, and materials from popular office supply brands. Whether you run a large company with high shipping demands or a hobbyist business out of your home, Staples® has plenty of options to meet various mailing needs.

Choose From a Wide Assortment of Bubble Mailers
Padded envelopes come in a wide variety of sizes from small squares designed to hold CDs and pictures to oversize units that can hold magazines, brochures, and fragile items such as dishware and collectibles. Choose from materials such as kraft paper, cardboard, or Mylar. Those made of a poly material like Tyvek® can withstand the elements, providing a tight seal that prevents water and moisture from seeping through.

If you're looking to create packages that stand out, consider purchasing envelopes in bright colors or patterns. Some have holiday designs that add a bit of festivity. It's also possible to use regular envelopes with a bubble-wrap sleeve that fits over items and seamlessly into mailers or shipping boxes.

Seal Bubble-Cushioned Mailers Effortlessly
While many envelopes have a closure that requires moisture, shoppers can find a wide selection that come with a self-seal design. It's easy to peel off the label and secure the mailer with little pressure. Some also have a tamper-evident design that alerts the recipient to any efforts to open the package before its arrival. Some leave behind a message in red ink, while others have a separate pull tab to open the package, rather than the sealed flap.

How Do You Choose the Right Size Padded Envelope?
When shopping for a mailer, it's essential to ensure that it'll fit the product or goods you're looking to mail. Measure the item and pick an envelope that has a 0.5-inch allowance on all sides to give yourself enough room to add more packing material, or to seal it without adding pressure to the contents. If you're unsure which size to purchase, always go a size larger than you think you'd need to give a little wiggle room.

Can You Buy Bubble Mailers in Bulk?
Yes. In addition to buying bubble-cushioned mailers in individual units, shoppers can also buy them in packs of 6 or 12 for casual use. Large companies who require more can purchase them cases of 100, 250, or more, depending on their needs. Those who go through hundreds of mailers a month can sign up for the auto restock program which schedules automatic deliveries to an office, home, or warehouse at specific intervals as set by the customer.

Are There Eco-Friendly Bubble Mailers Available?
Shoppers looking for eco-friendly options can find several that contain either recycled or post-consumer content. This lessens the impact on the environment and eliminates the amount of waste in landfills. Look for a special symbol on the packaging or in the listing to determine which ones meet the requirements. Additionally, most mailers feature recyclable materials, so users can continue the cycle.
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