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Padded Sofas & Couches

A padded sofa is perhaps one of the most comfortable and eye-catching pieces of furniture in a living room. A model with the right style and durability offers years of dependable use and enjoyment. From sleepers to sectionals, Staples carries a wide array of sofas to reflect your lifestyle and interior design theme. You can also find them in a range of colors, sizes, and materials.

The Right Padded Sofa Size for Any Living Room
Sofas come in many sizes, and the right one depends on the size and style of the space. For wide, open spaces, a sectional fills the space while providing seating for more guests. Some models allow for various configurations to meet the needs of the room. When it comes to smaller rooms, a two or three-seater padded sofa is the right choice. When used in studio apartments or very compact areas, a sleeper sofa does the trick as it transforms into a bed quickly and easily.

A Dependable Padded Sofa for Years of Enjoyment
Choosing a padded couch that offers durability is crucial to enjoying years of use. A sturdy frame is a must as the stronger it is, the more wear and tear it handles. Hardwoods, such as oak and maple, support plenty of weight and with reinforced joints and corners, provide long-lasting dependability. Steel frames also offer strength and are easy to maintain.

The suspension system should also support sufficient weight to prevent the cushions from sagging over time. For the utmost support and bounce, opt for a suspension system with a high number of coils. An eight-way, hand-tied steel coil system is just one option, and this type attaches to the frame to support the weight of each individual guest.

Padded Sofa Upholstery That Offers Easy Maintenance
The type of upholstery on a couch dictates how easy the furniture is to maintain. It also plays a role in the appearance and how it blends with other decor. Microfiber fabric works well for high-traffic rooms as it resists stains and is simple to clean. Leather, along with offering a luxurious look, blends with all types of interior design themes and holds up to regular use. Most upholstery comes in many color choices and some feature geometric or floral patterns.

What to Consider When Choosing an Outdoor Sofa?
Outdoor sofas work well on decks or patios for entertaining guests. When choosing one, however, it is important to consider whether it will hold up against the various elements. Wrought iron adds elegance to outdoor spaces and it resists water, stains, and fading. You should also consider whether the furniture blends with other outdoor furnishings.

What Type of Foam Should Sofa Cushions Have?
When picking out a padded couch, it is important to consider the density of the cushions as this determines how they will retain their shape and comfort level. The higher density of the foam, the firmer the cushions feel and the longer they will keep their shape. Some cushions have cotton/poly batting on the inside to offer a soft, smooth feel.

How Much Space Should Be Between the Sofa and Other Furniture?
When adding a sofa to a living space, you should keep at least 18 inches between it and the coffee table. When it comes to pairing with chairs, try to leave at 24 to 48 inches between them to prevent a crowded feel.
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Zuo® Leatherette Providence Sofa, Black
Item: 223605 / Model : 900274
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  • Padded fixed arms
  • Dimensions: 28"H x 85"W x 36 1/2"D
  • Seat size: 18 1/2"H x 57"D
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977.89 $977.89
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Modway Waverunner 5 Piece Padded Microfiber Sofa Set
Item: SS2247724
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  • Available colors: Black, brown, green, light gray, orange, purple and red
  • Armless
  • Dimensions: 26"H x 116"W x 67"L, 26"H x 33"W x 36"L chair, 26"H x 49"W x 36"L loveseat, 26"H x 65"W x 36"L sofa, 26"H x 36"W x 36"L corner, 13"H x 31"W 26"L ottoman
As low as 1763.59 $1,763.59
Multiple options available
Zuo® Leatherette Singular Sofas
Item: SS2116133
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  • Available colors: Black, terracotta and white
  • Padded fixed arms
  • Dimensions: 32"H x 76"W x 30"D, Arm height: 25"H
As low as 684.59 $684.59
Multiple options available
Zuo® Leatherette Aristocrat Sofas
Item: SS2116190
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  • Available colors: Black, silver and white
  • Padded fixed arms
  • Dimensions: 26 1/2"H x 78"W x 29 1/2"D
As low as 911.19 $911.19
Multiple options available