About this product

The Paper Mate blue gel retractable pens are easy to hold with comfortable rubber grips.

Bring these pens with you wherever you go, thanks to the sturdy pocket clip that attaches conveniently to your shirt, trousers or bag. With translucent plastic barrels, these pens make determining when you need to replace them easy.

  • Accomplish daily note-taking tasks easily with these Paper Mate retractable pens.
  • Retractable pens are ideal for taking notes in the office
  • The blue gel ink produces bold lines for smooth readability
  • Micro point 0.5 mm conical tip for writing fine lines
  • Blue plastic barrel is durable and translucent for easy monitoring of ink supply
  • Non-refillable design for hassle-free use
  • Contoured grip feels comfortable in your hand
  • Durable pocket clip attaches securely to your shirt or bag
  • The rubber grip makes using each of these pens comfortable as you jot down details throughout the day.
  • Includes 12 pens per pack
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Clear Blue Color
Filled with a bold pigmented blue gel ink, these retractable pens are a versatile writing tool for day-to-day use. The gel ink flows consistently, ensuring your text stays free of smudges and ink blobs. Write smoothly with no unwanted streaks, as the gel ink produces a clear output and doesn't leak.

Comfortable, Practical Design
Engage in hours of brainstorming sessions with your staff and write down ideas using these blue gel retractable pens. Thanks to the padded, contoured grip, these pens allow prolonged use while helping minimize wrist fatigue. The translucent plastic barrel remains sturdy and looks casual yet professional. It also makes monitoring the ink supply effortless, so you don't have to get caught off-guard when the supply runs low.

Convenient Features
Since each pack comes with 12 pens, they're easy to replace, making them ideal for bustling offices. The sturdy pocket clip lets you secure the pens to your shirt pocket, ensuring they're accessible and don't fall off while you're out and about.