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Paperchase Secret Garden Gift Bag, LargePaperchase Secret Garden Gift Bag, Large
In store only
Item #234004
Model #517838-US
  • It has black textured ribbon carry handles
  • Finished with a 3D butterfly embellishment
Paperchase Rika Gift Bag, MediumPaperchase Rika Gift Bag, Medium
In store only
Item #234015
Model #518260-US
  • Finished with blue cord handles which complement the modern design perfectly
  • Add some tissue paper in a matching color from the design for a perfectly wrapped present
Paperchase Lazy Days Gift Bag, MediumPaperchase Lazy Days Gift Bag, Medium
In store only
Item #234129
Model #510762-US
  • Designed with love from London
  • Quirky and creative English design
Paperchase Flower Burst Gift Bag, MediumPaperchase Flower Burst Gift Bag, Medium
In store only
Item #234200
Model #508595-US
  • Made from thick paper printed with our bright and colorful flower burst design, it has a coordinating lining and strong handles
  • This pretty floral gift bag is great for making your present look perfect

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