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Parker Luxury Pens

Keep a collection of Parker® luxury pens on your desk for those special occasions when you need to send handwritten notes to friends, family, and important clients. In addition to serving as reliable writing instruments, Parker pens also have stylish designs and can add flair to your workspace. Staples® carries different lines of luxury pens from Parker and other leading brands of premium writing instruments.

Choose from Different Styles of Parker Luxury Pens
Parker offers different lines of pens with eye-catching designs and impressive build qualities. Its lineup includes a fountain, rollerball, and ballpoint styles. Each of these has its distinctive properties that make it suitable for certain applications. For example, Parker ballpoint pens are ideal for everyday writing. These practical instruments have tips with solid rolling spheres. While they have simple designs, the brand gives its ballpoints refined finishes. They sport ergonomic shapes and most have barrels and tips made of metal rather than plastic.

Pick any of Parker's fountain pens if you are looking for a premium writing instrument. These have feather-shaped solid gold nibs with barrels sporting handcrafted finishes. They are available in classic colors like black and silver and most of them have decorative details. Fountain pens provide an exceptional writing experience and celebrate excellent penmanship. Parker also offers a range of rollerball pens. These combine the practicality of ballpoints with the smooth ink flow and premium feel of fountain pens.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for Parker Luxury Pens
Important features to look for when comparing luxury pens include tip size, ink color, and design. Tip or nib size is the width of a writing instrument's point. Pens generally have three types of tips: fine, medium, and broad points. Fine point units are for those with small handwriting. They are also perfect for drawing and writing on pages with closely spaced lines. Broad nibs are suitable for large handwriting and calligraphy while medium point pens strike a balance between the other two and are ideal for most purposes.

While blue and black are the most common ink colors, you can find luxury pens that write in bright and unique colors like red, green, and purple. You can also choose between refillable and disposable designs when shopping for Parker pens. The brand's fountain and rollerball pens are usually refillable while its ballpoints come in both varieties.

Are There Parker Luxury Pens With Retractable Tips?
Yes. Caps prevent ink from leaking from tips and nibs but they are easy to lose. Retractable tips protect pen tips and keep them from drying out.

Should You Get Parker Luxury Pens with 5TH™ Technology?
Yes. Pens with this feature combine the best features of a fountain, rollerball pens, and ballpoint pens. They have engraved hoods around their tips that look like the nibs of fountain pens. Their fiber tips do not scratch or skip and they put down fast-drying inks smoothly. These luxury pens have adaptable tips that slide into fixed positions as they adjust to users' writing styles.

What Types of Ink Refill Systems Do Parker Luxury Pens Use?
The brand's rollerball, ballpoint, and 5TH pens use refill cartridges. Some of its fountain pens also refill with ink cartridges while others require topping off from ink bottles. Depending on the model, refilling via ink bottle may require a converter or use of a built-in piston mechanism.
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Parker Jotter Retractable Ballpoint Pen, Black Barrel W/ Blue Ink, Medium
Item: 2440491 / Model : 1953184
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  • A modern take on our sleek and iconic Jotter ballpoint pen design, a classic for over 60 years
  • Fitted with a blue Quinkflow ballpoint refill for optimal ink flow and a smooth writing experience; also accepts PARKER gel refills
  • 0.7mm medium point draws consistent, dark and detailed lines
16.49 $16.49
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Parker® Urban Premium Rollberball Pen Series, Medium Point, Black Ink
Item: SS1062858
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  • Available in medium point
  • Black ink with FreeInk technology
  • Well-known for consistend, fluid lines and long-lasting colors
As low as 26.99 $26.99
Multiple options available