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Expand your artistic horizons with a range of colorful pastels that transform sketches into stunning works of art. Available in several variations to suit different drawing styles and skill levels, pastels let budding artists and experienced professionals find the perfect tools for their creative works. Staples stocks a generous selection of top-quality drawing supplies by companies like Colorfin, Caran d'Ache, Rembrandt, and Faber-Castell.

Soft, Hard, Pencil and Oil Pastels Work for a Variety of Art Projects
There are four major variations when it comes to pastels. Soft is the most commonly used style, with a high pigment content that produces the most vividly colored drawings. Their powdery texture allows for smooth blending and layering techniques. Hard pastels contain more gum binder and less pigment than the soft version and are a sturdier option for basic sketching and fine detail work and can be used with soft pastels. Pencil style options are encased in wood and less messy to handle, plus they can be sharpened for ultra-precise line work and are ideal for working outdoors. Oil pastels are bound with wax and oil and behave more like paint, making for intensely-colored washes and glazes that don't require a fixative. While oils don't work well with other types of pastels, many appreciate their crayon-like quality when creating large-scale pieces.

Student-Grade Materials are Ideal for Young Children and Beginning Artists
An excellent choice for art students, children and amateur artists, student-grade pastels are an affordable option. While not as pigmented as higher-end materials, they provide a nice introduction to the medium and come in many colors that are ideal for simple art projects, classroom activities, and art journaling. As aspiring artists improve their drawing techniques, it's easy to jump up to a more professional quality product if desired. Add new pastels to any school supplies list.

Artists' Quality Pastels Offer Superior Pigmentation for Fine Works of Art
Professional artists and serious art students who are ready to jump to the next level appreciate the expansive selection of artist-quality materials. Featuring a wider range of deeply pigmented colors, every piece is sure to stand out. With a high permanence rating, colors won't fade away over time, making them the optimal choice for any committed artist. Many are available in sets featuring colors from nature, flesh tones, and commonly used palettes that work for any type of drawing project.

Drawing Supplies in Quantities to Suit Every Artist's Needs
Whether you prefer round, square, drawing pencils or pan pastels, there are plenty of products to choose from. Available in several pre-packaged sets and sold as individual colors, these supplies are readily available to help complete any project for teachers, students, and professionals. Artists who regularly use the same colors may want to stock up on a single shade or two instead of buying a full set, and those testing the waters of a new medium may want to buy a smaller set to get a feel for how pastels work. Many come conveniently packaged in tins and reusable cases to keep supplies free of dust, heat, and moisture between uses.

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