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600 dpi
IRISPen Executive Pen Scanner, Black
Item #IM15DG258
Model #457887
  • Requires 180MB of available hard-disk space
  • Requires at least one USB port available and a CD-ROM drive
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Doxie Q wireless rechargeable document scanner with automatic document feeder (DX300)Doxie Q wireless rechargeable document scanner with automatic document feeder (DX300)
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Item #2681272
Model #DX300
  • Doxie Q is the automatic document scanner reinvented for true mobility to let you scan anywhere - no computer required - with a rechargeable battery, collapsible automatic document feeder, included memory, integrated Wi-Fi, and included Mac, PC, and iOS apps. Doxie's small size makes it easy to tuck it in your bag or a drawer when you're done scanning.
  • Engineered for ultimate simplicity, Doxie just works - no special drivers needed - simply flip Doxie open, insert your paper, and hit scan. Doxie's automatic paper feeder scans stacks of up to 8 full color pages at once at up to 600 dpi. Or, use Doxie's direct feed slot to scan all your photos, receipts, cards, and fragile items.
Pen scanners are handheld devices for quickly scanning documents on the go. These wand-like gadgets are easier to set up and use than desktop scanners. Scanning with one requires moving its tip over lines of text on a page. Browse the large inventory of essential office machines at Staples to find a good selection of pen-style portable scanners.

Enjoy the convenience and portability of pen scanners
A pen scanner captures words on a page as images and then copies them into an application running on a computer. This device then sends scanned text and numbers to desktop and web apps. Most pen-styled scanners can transmit scanned lines to text-editing programs like Microsoft Word and Excel as well as web browsers. Popular models, such as the ScanMarker series, do more than scan documents. They also have a text-to-speech feature and can translate scanned text into multiple languages.

With text-to-speech technology, these devices read out text as they scan. Tourists and business executives can use this feature to understand documents written in foreign languages and learn to pronounce foreign words. Text-to-speech is also useful when scanning documents in your native language. Users don't have to keep looking at their computer screens to check their scanners' accuracy if they can listen as it captures text.

Key features to consider when shopping for pen-style scanners
Ensure the model selected has optical character recognition (OCR) support. This feature makes scanning documents easier by fully recognizing and converting the images captured by the device back to text. It's also important to note languages with OCR support. Scanners with this feature support major languages. Users that regularly scan documents written in regional languages should read lists of supported OCR languages before making their purchases.

Device support is also important. Most pen-style portal scanners are compatible with Windows computers. Look for a model with Mac and/or Linux support to scan images to computers running those operating systems. Some scanners can also connect to mobile devices. Check for iOS and Android support if you'd like to scan directly to smartphone and tablet apps. Scanning speed is another key feature to consider. Most pen-style scanners can capture an entire page in under a minute. However, some are slower and are unsuitable for scanning documents with lots of pages.

Are there wireless pen-style scanners?
While wired units connect to computers, smartphones, and tablets via USB, wireless models pair with these devices by Bluetooth. They also have USB ports but use them for charging their built-in rechargeable batteries. Choose a Bluetooth pen scanner to eliminate cord tangles and cable clutter.  

Can pen scanners capture graphics?
Some of them can scan images as well as text. Such models pick up small graphics, logos, and signatures. Some can also double as barcode scanners. If you intend to use a pen-style scanner for bar codes, check the bar code format supported before ordering it.

Should you consider internal storage in a pen scanner?
A scanning device with an internal memory uses the storage for saving voice memos and other audio recordings. Its primary function is as a digital highlighter and a voice recorder. Models that are primarily scanners don't have microphones and don't store audio files. Manufacturers don't list internal storage spaces for these models because their built-in memories are not user-accessible.