Pentel® All-In-One Writing Value Pack (BKPDSLZBP12)

Pentel® All-In-One Writing Value Pack (BKPDSLZBP12)

Item #: 1496833 | Model #: BKPDSLZBP12
Pentel® All-In-One Writing Value Pack (BKPDSLZBP12)
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Product ID: 1496833
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The Pentel all-in-one writing value pack contains 12 pieces to outfit your desk with every writing utensil you require.

The Pentel all-in-one writing value pack has 12 different items that cover many of your office's writing needs. Six fine-point ballpoint pens in different colors provide convenient utensils for taking clear notes. Two highlighters give you a chance to bring attention to specific phrases or passages. Two mechanical pencils provide a steady supply of pencil lead for long writing sessions, while two high-polymer block erasers complement the jumbo-size twist-up erasers on the end of each pencil.

  • Six multicolor fine-point pens for versatility
  • Ink colors include two black, one blue, one green, one violet and one red
  • Fine points provide steady, thin lines across the page for reliability
  • Clear plastic barrels helps you monitor your ink levels
  • Chisel-tip highlighters provide even coverage
  • Twist-erase mechanical pencils have comfort grips to reduce hand fatigue
  • High-polymer block erasers easily remove lead marks without ripping the page
  • Pack size: 12 items

Five Colors of Pens
Two black pens and a blue pen provide basic ways to take notes that stand out against white and yellow pages. Violet and green pens offer a different take on standard hues, while the red pen stands out and is well suited to making corrections or margin notes. Each R.S.V.P. pen lasts a long time, allowing you to keep writing for hours if needed.

Two Highlighters Cover an Entire Line
Two chisel-tip highlighters create smooth, even coverage over an entire line when you need to make notes stand out on the page. Yellow and purple contrast each other if you need to highlight more than one concept on the same set of notes. The chisel tip forms a fine line for small text; you can also use the flat edge to cover an entire line all at once.

Two Pencils and Block Erasers Make Steady Lines and Easy Erasing
The pack's two mechanical pencils have side advance mechanisms that keep the lead coming at a regular pace at the push of a button, while the comfort grip makes writing easier. Block erasers remove marks without tearing the page, leaving smudge marks, or ghosting underneath the new lines of text.