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Plant Hooks & Hangers

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Plant hooks and hangers let you organize and display all the plants you have and help keep those plants healthy and thriving. Using hooks and other items lets you arrange the plants into a beautiful and decorative display that still lets sunshine and fresh air reach all of those plants.

For Indoors and Out
Use plant hooks and hangers both inside and out. Often made from durable types of metal, the hangers hold up well to environmental conditions and let you hang plants from a porch railing or exterior wall. You can also use the hooks to hang plants in your office or your home.

Make Caring for Plants Easier
Water your plants with ease to keep those plants thriving and living for a longer period of time. Swiveling hooks let you move the plant to the left or right to reach any flowers or plants in the back. Adjust the hooks and hangers to water all your plants.

Create Beautiful Displays
Turn ordinary houseplants or artificial plants into a beautiful display in your home or place of business. Use a combination of larger and smaller planters to accommodate all of your plants, and use hangers and hooks to create an eye-catching display that makes a big impact without taking up a lot of extra space.

Organize Plants
Organize and display multiple plants in a smaller area with hooks and other tools. After easily installing the hooks in a wall, you can quickly hang multiple plants in that space and rearrange the plants when you want to create a new design.

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Seymour 30-360 Stack-It Brackets Set
Item: 1258998 / Model : 17421017
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  • Product Type: Wall Brackets
  • Material: Steel
  • Color: Black
23.89 $23.89
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Lindco SH24 24" Swivel Wire Hanger
Item: 1261018 / Model : 21826011
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  • Product Type: Wire Hanger
  • Material: Metal
  • Color: Silver
7.59 $7.59