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Plastec Wheelbarrows & Lawn Carts

Lawn carts like those from Plastec make it simple to move anything from soil and plants to backyard decorations and garden tools around the yard. They eliminate the need to lug heavy equipment and supplies by hand from one place to another. Staples carries a wide assortment of outdoor tools and accessories, including garden carts, which make both personal and professional jobs easier and more efficient.

Garden Carts Easily Transport Yardwork Supplies from One Location to Another
Yard carts are designed to help gardeners of all skill levels carry everything they need. They help people avoid making multiple trips back and forth from the garage to the backyard to gather all of the tools and supplies they need to start working. These carts significantly cut down on the time it takes to complete a task by shortening the prep work. A flat bed with a large handle allows users to easily push or pull items to their destination. Confidently place multiple flats of flowers or potted plants inside to relocate without fear of pieces falling out. That flat design makes them ideal for harvesting vegetables from the garden, picking flowers or scooping up leaves and trash from the backyard. The carts sit upright and neatly parked next to where you're working until it's time to move again.

Choose from a Variety of Styles and Materials
Garden carts are made from a variety of materials and come in multiple designs. The top part of the cart is often crafted from plastic or metal. Plastic bins clean off quickly, making them easy to rinse after messy jobs. Steel bin carts are capable of holding large amounts of weight without bending or bowing. Some models feature a smaller, more compact design, suitable for use on patios and porches. Use them to roll plates, cups, silverware and food from the kitchen out to guests during dinner parties and afternoon get-togethers. Other carts are larger in size and are better suited to more strenuous yard work like moving compost, leaves and other garden waste to the curb. They are capable of holding anywhere from 200 to 1,200 pounds, which is ideal for hauling a variety of tools and supplies. Models with drop-sides make it simple to take items out without having to reach down into the cart. Some come with the ability to dump materials out onto the ground, which is beneficial when moving things like soil or concrete mix.

Travel Easily over Multiple Types of Terrain
One of the key differences between garden carts and wheelbarrows is the number of wheels. While a wheelbarrow typically has only a single wheel, yard carts have anywhere from two to four. This multiple wheel design travels easily over uneven or rocky terrain, distributing the weight of the load over multiple points instead of resting on a single wheel. Thick pneumatic tires roll across rocks, twigs and small holes, while carts with locking casters provide a simple way to prevent the device from moving once it's set in place.
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Plastec CG105V Portable Garden Cart
Item : 1259821 / Model : 13500111
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  • Product Type: Cart
  • Color: Multi Colored
  • Dimensions: 12.5"H x 21"W x 14"D
96.19 $96.19