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Polishing Pads

Use polyester polishing pads to clean a hot or cold grill after use. The abrasive pads make it easy to scrub away old food and smoke marks from the inside a grilling unit. A single pad easily fits inside a holder, so you can effortlessly scrub away grime for an extended period. Staples® has a large selection of grill pads, sponges, and other cleaning supplies to keep the unit ready for the next outdoor celebration.

Use Polishing Pads for Consistent Grill Maintenance
A standard polishing pad is 5 x 4 inches in size. The convenient size makes it easy to scrub grill plates and the interior and exterior of your grilling unit. The lightweight pad is durable and works well with cooking oil, which is often applied to the pad to cure the grill after a full clean. A polishing pad can attach to a sturdy grill pad holder for an easy way to slide the sponge along the grill racks. The holder's handle provides a comfortable place to rest the hand during a heavy-duty clean. The pad holder provides a designated place to keep a pad when not in use. The abrasive pad surface quickly removes old food, so it's simple to clean the grill after you cook a small or large meal.

Use Polishing Pads for Commercial and Domestic Use
Protect the grill screen at home and at a professional restaurant with a reliable polishing pad that cleans hot and cold grills. The pad is made with heavy-duty material that removes debris and grease from large and small grills. The heat-resistant pad maintains structural integrity up to 140-degrees Fahrenheit, so it's easy to clean the grill when the unit is operating at this temperature. A standard pad withstands hot water over consistent use, so one pad can clean an entire grill when used with hot water and cleaning agents. A single pad is easy to squeeze when you need to remove excess water from the material.

Are There Alternative Uses for Polishing Pads?
Yes. Polishing pads are convenient to clean grill grates and grilling utensils, such as tongs and grilling forks. Throw a few pads in your hiking bag, in case the campsite grill is dirty. The standard size makes it simple to use the pad to clean hard-to-reach spots on the grill. Clean a cafeteria griddle with polishing pads affixed to a pad holder for an easy way to clean a large surface. Grilling pads resist clogs and easily rinse clean in water. The pads leave a lustrous shine without scratching the grill surface.

Are Polishing Pads Available in Bulk?
Yes. Polishing pads are available as a single unit or in a case of 75 or more. Stock the school cafeteria kitchen with cases of cleaning pads to ensure the school maintains a clean grill and griddle throughout the school year.

Can Polishing Pads Get Wet?
Yes. A standard pad is typically made of polyester and maintains integrity when wet. The pad has a porous surface that allows water to easily wash over the material.
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Carlisle 40711-00, Sparta® Grill Polishing Pad
Item: 424459 / Model : 4071100
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  • Polyester
  • 5"'' H 5"'' W 5"'' L
  • Aids in grill sanitation, Crucial to grill maintenance, Attaches to Grill Pad Holder
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