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Pony Hoes

Home improvement and outdoor gardening tasks require the proper tools for efficient work and good results. Pony hoes and other types of mortar hoes are useful for mixing concrete or mortar, and other hoe styles help with weeding and gardening tasks. Staples carries a wide variety of mortar, gardening hoes and other equipment for home and gardening tasks.

Uses for Mortar Hoes
Mortar hoes are designed for mixing concrete, mortar and other substances with similar textures. The long hardwood or fiberglass handles are usually between 48 inches and 66 inches long to provide leverage and maneuverability. Carbon steel is the most common material for blades, and most are between 7 inches and 10 inches tall and 4.75 inches and 8 inches wide. Perforated blades have two holes that allow water and dry ingredients to mix well while reducing the strain on the operator. It's easier and faster to mix concrete and other materials with a specially-designed mortar hoe that with a regular gardening hoe or shovel.

Other Kinds of Gardening Hoes
While a mortar hoe is ideal for working with plaster and cement, a garden hoe is better when working with dirt and potting soil. Gardening hoes come in a variety of sizes and blade types. Blades can be solid or open loops, have a straight edge or a point, or even tines like a fork. Styles are differentiated by whether the blade works when pushed away or pulled toward the user or both. Draw styles work on the pulling action and have blades approximately perpendicular to the handles. Most have flat or pointed blades and they're useful for tilling, turning and aerating the soil in preparation for planting. They can work to a depth of several inches. Scuffle hoes work on the push action, or during both pushing and pulling, to loosen the top of the soil and eliminate weeds. Scuffle hoes often have an open L-shaped or closed rectangular blade.

How Is a Mortar Hoe Used?
A mortar hoe is used for mixing cement or mortar. The easiest method is to mix right in a wheelbarrow so you can move your concrete wherever you need it. Add all the dry mix to the wheelbarrow, then pour in three quarters of the recommended amount of water. Use the mortar hoe back and forth to heap dry parts on top of wet sections and mix in the water until uniformly moist, then slowly add the rest of the water to reach the proper consistency.

Which Is the Right Gardening Hoe for the Job?
Most hoeing in a garden is to eliminate weeds or loosen the soil. A lightweight scuffle hoe works well to weed gardens with long rows, and one with a shorter handle is useful in tight spaces. Use a traditional field or garden hoe to turn soil and weed large areas.

How to Care for Gardening Tools?
Maintaining hoes and all gardening implements helps them last as long as possible. It's important to clean completely after every use, removing dirt, mud and other debris. If the blades have contacted diseased plants or other hazardous material, clean with an equal mix of water and rubbing alcohol. Hoes should be completely dried then stored in an indoor location such as a garage or shed. Hanging tools on the wall prevents any accidental contact with water that could lead to rust. Enjoy working outdoors with high-quality mortar hoes and other gardening tools from Staples.
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Pony® Chrome Plated Steel Blade Perforated Mortar Mixer And Cotton Hoe, 6 in (L) x 10 in (W) Blade
Item: 769002 / Model : 027-1868400
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  • Blade length: 6 in
  • Blade width: 10 in
  • Capacity volume: 0.8 cu ft.
62.99 $62.99