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Post-it® Pop-Up Dispensers

When it comes to keeping track of office tasks and phone messages, Post-it pop-up dispensers help you get things done. Colorful and highly adhesive, every note receives proper attention at home, school and work. Decorative note dispensers are a terrific tool for keeping notepads within easy reach while adding a professional touch to a workspace. Choose from several whimsical and classic styles of Post-it Pop-up dispensers in stock at Staples.

Refillable Dispensers Offer Streamlined Convenience
Offering a sturdy design, pop-up note dispensers hold up to repeated usage and are easily refilled. No matter where they're used, every note holder helps keep notepads right where they're needed. Most dispensers hold 3 x 3-inch pads, while others are designed for 4 x 4-inch notepads. Choose between standard flat Post-it Note dispensers or ones that support accordion-style Post-it Pop-Up notes. Some models are weighted at the bottom for simple one-handed use or feature a gripping base that prevents them from sliding off a desk. Most dispensers come with an included notepad for instant note-taking convenience.

Novelty Post-it Pop-Up Dispensers Brighten an Office
Liven up a workspace with a novelty Post-it dispenser. Football fans can show support of a favorite NFL team, and golfers can express a love for the sport with a golf club-shaped dispenser that also holds a pen or pencil. Brightly-colored jack-shaped dispensers can spin around while popping up a note. Fashion lovers have a choice of lively patterns, purse and diamond-shaped Post-it accessories. A camera or apple-shaped dispenser makes a fantastic gift for a work colleague or instructor. Add a bit of natural beauty to a home or classroom with clean and attractive pebble-shaped designs. Eco-conscious consumers may appreciate glass and cork dispensers that are made with environmentally-friendly sustainable materials that pair up well with recycled Post-it Greener Pop-Up notepads.

Combo Dispensers are Compact Space-Savers
Combine office supplies with a dispenser that's made for multi-tasking. Pens, letter openers, paper clips, Post-it notes and flags are neatly organized together, aiding in optimal productivity on the job. Available in classic black, these dispensers look sophisticated and professional while saving valuable desktop space. Some styles have built-in tape dispensers, extending their usefulness even more. A desk drawer organizer tucks everything away nicely while keeping notes within close reach.

Photo Frame Dispensers Personalize a Desktop
Express your personal style with a photo frame pop-up note dispenser. Pictures of a beloved pet, children or a wedding party can be proudly displayed and enjoyed by everyone. Available in black or white, dispensers blend in seamlessly with any office's decorative palette or desk design. A thoughtful gift idea for a boss or teacher, photo frames can display a staff or class photo that can be switched out anytime. Add a splash of fun to a space with Post-it Notes and flags in a wide range of colors. Color-coordinating notepads can be paired with pictures of a new baby, a trip to the tropics or a shot of a memorable sunset. There are Post-it Notes and high-quality dispensers to suit any desktop environment.
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Post-it® Glass/Cork Pop-Up Note Dispenser
Item : 412027
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  • Includes one pad (50 sheets) of Post-it® Pop-Up Notes
  • Glass and cork are natural, sustainable materials making, making this the Natural choice to go with Post-it Greener Pop-up Notes
  • Holds 3" x 3" pop-up notes
Post-it® Pop-up Karate Dispenser
Item : 168225
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  • Post-it® Pop-up Note Dispenser, Karate design for 3" x 3" Post-it Pop-up Notes
  • Convenient one handed dispensing now in fashionable one-of-a-kind, playful dispenser
  • Dispenser includes one 90-sheet Post-it® Pop-up Note Pad
Post-it® Pop-up Note Dispenser for 3" x 3" Notes, Charcoal Gray Dispenser (PRO330)
Item : 461960
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  • For use on horizontal and paper to paper applications
  • Pick a traditional style for the office, a trendy style for the home message center or a mounted style for vertical dispensing anywhere
  • The 3" x 3" size is perfect for writing reminder notes to yourself
Post-it® Pop-up Dispenser for 3" x 3" Notes, Clear, Diamond-Shaped (DIA330)
Item : 668430
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  • Includes one pad (50 sheets) of Post-it® Pop-Up Notes
  • Weighted dispenser for easy, one handed dispensing
  • Dispensers that express your style
Post-It® Glass and Cork Pop-Up Note Dispenser Value Pack
Item : 421553
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  • Holds 3" x 3" pop-up notes
  • Keep this elegant, contemporary Pop-up Dispenser on your desk and your Pop-up Notes will always be at your fingertips
  • Includes 12 pack of pop-up notes
Post-it® Mobile Attach and Go Car Visor Dispenser
Item : 935903
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  • Refillable dispenser for 3" x 3" Pop-Up Notes
  • Includes one pad (50 sheets) of Post-it® Super Sitcky Pop-Up Notes
  • Sturdy dispenser clips to car visor for instant accessibility
Post-it® Flat Note Holder, 3" x 3", Assorted Colors (NH3302B)
Item : 48088
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  • Refillable dispenser for 3" x 3" flat notes
  • Includes one pad (90 sheets) of Post-it® Notes
  • Convenient note holder keeps notes where you need them, when you need them
Post-it® Flat Compact Dispenser
Item : 696696
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  • Includes one pad (50 sheets) of Post-it® Notes
  • Compact styled Portable Note Holder keeps notes handy for your convenience.
  • Holds 3" x 3" notes
Post-it® 3" x 3" Pop-up Notes with Neon Stripes Desk Grip Dispenser, Each
Item : 664089
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  • Pop-up notes in square suction dispenser
  • 3" x 3"
  • Yellow notes
Post-it ® Pop-up Ruby Dispenser
Item : 200585
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  • Weighted dispenser for easy one-handed dispensing
  • Includes pop-up notes pad
  • Easy to refill
Post-it® Laptop Pop-Up Notes, 3" x 3", Canary Yellow, Refills, 10 Pads/Pack (R330LND10)
Item : 861607
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  • Stick notes where they'll really get noticed, like monitors, doors and walls s
  • 10 pads per pack
  • New laptop notes dispenser gives you the notes you need, when and where you need them
Post-it® Pop-up Clutch Dispenser
Item : 696683
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  • Includes one pad (50 sheets) of Post-it® Pop-Up Notes
  • Dispensers that express your style
  • One handed Dispensing with weighted, stylish purse shaped dispenser
Post-it® 3" x 3" Flat Dispenser, Evernote Collection, Quad
Item : 289446
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  • Holds 3" x 3" flat post-it notes
  • All of your notes, always at hand
  • Includes 4 pads 90 sheets per pad from the Evernote Collection
Post-it® 3" x 3" Flat Dispenser, Evernote Collection
Item : 306457
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  • Includes a free, 1-month subscription to Evernote Premium (limit 1, one-month subscription per twelve-month period)
  • Capture and save your Post-it® Notes using Evernote to make all of your information available wherever you go
  • Modern design adds style and color to your working environment
Bey-Berk Gold Plated Sticky Star Post-It Note Holder With Pen
Item : 155328
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  • Finish: Gold Plated
  • Tarnish proof
  • Gold plated
Post-it® Pop-Up Purse Dispenser, Lace
Item : 957608
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  • Includes one pad (50 sheets) of Post-it® Pop-Up Notes
  • Weighted base for easy dispensing
  • Personalize and stylize your space and keep Post-it® Notes at your fingertips
Post-it® Pop-up Note Bear Dispenser, for 3" x 3" Notes, White (BEAR-330)
Item : 2636931
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  • Holds 3" x 3" Pop-up Notes, White Dispenser
  • Bring a little fun to your desk with this bear-shaped dispenser
  • One-handed dispensing made easy
3M™ Post-It® Pop Up 3" x 3" Notes Dispenser, 50/Pack, Black Purse
Item : 300638
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  • Dispenser is refillable so you can re-use again and again
  • conveniently weighted so you can easily dispense the Z-Notes with one hand
  • Pack size: 50/pack
Post-it® Pop-up Note Dispenser, for 3" x 3" Notes (DS330-MBL)
Item : 2493578
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  • Holds 3" x 3" Pop-up notes, White Dispenser with Clear Top and Marble insert
  • Weighted dispenser keeps notes handy and are always where you need them
  • Keep your desk updated and in style with the marble insert