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Pot Risers Grow Bags

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Potrisers grow bags have many benefits for home and professional gardens. These simple containers protect plants from common health issues and help gardeners organize their crops. No matter what kind of plants you work with, you can find all sorts of garden accessories right here.

Potrisers, Grow Bags and Other Garden Equipment
Potrisers help plants grow healthy root systems. They support pots and planters at various heights, so everything drains properly. They also have soil-colored bodies and their designs make them practically invisible when hidden beneath garden accessories. In this way, they're similar to grow bags, which have flexible edges that retain soil and prevent cracking. Garden bags protect young plants from insects and can increase food yields as well. These unique systems give gardeners total control over soil consistency and root depth. While Potrisers does not produce garden bags, their products work in conjunction with these accessories to support healthy crops. Potrisers and soil bags help plants get the nutrients they need to survive.

Bags for a Healthy Garden
Drainage makes a big difference in the health of a garden. While supports hold plants above ground level, bags contain everything that's inside. This prevents the entry of mites and other pests. Strong bags also work as support structures for healthy plants. That's why gardeners use these bags to start important gardening projects. Soil bags prevent tangles between root systems and give plants the space they need to thrive. The separation also enables hassle-free replanting. Once the plants grow to a healthy size, gardeners can move them to permanent locations.

Grow Bags and Other Accessories for Gardeners
Gardeners change the soil in these bags every season. This prevents disease and rot between plants. Grow bags can fold to a fraction of their original size, which ensures space-efficient storage. After the growing season, gardeners stack these bags in compact spaces to save room. Use a series of bagged plants to create the look of a single, continuous garden. Gardeners can plant tomatoes and other vegetables in these sacks, then position them close together to hide their bases. Natural foliage provides cover and creates a unified look for these types of gardens. Gardeners can also use colored grow bags to identify plants quickly. Colored bags can signify specific plant types even before those plants flower.

Garden Bags as Space Enhancers
Garden bags give growers enough room to put several plants in a small space, creating small floral sanctuaries on balconies, decks and stairways. Not all homes have room for full gardens or large planters and grow bags can help create compact arrangements. Many of these items trap water as well. Without drainage holes, these bags prevent leaks and keep indoor spaces dry. They also store compost. Homes and businesses with compost piles can transfer rich soil into bags when it's time to plant.

These versatile tools provide many benefits for growers. Whether you run a professional greenhouse or want to grow plants beside your house, you can find garden bags of all sizes at Staples.
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Potrisers DS-6-5PK 6" Drain Smart Discs, 5 Count
Item : 1259899 / Model : 14358659
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  • Product Type: Drain Smart Discs
  • Dimensions: 6" Dia.
  • Place in the bottom of a planter to provide uniform drainage
15.69 $15.69