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Maintaining energy is an important part of getting through any workout, and PowerBar® bars are one way to receive the boost needed to uphold stamina. Designed to give the body energy and nutrition, these snack bars, made from simple ingredients for meal replacements, are also a healthy snack option during a long work day. Staples® carries a good selection of PowerBars and other healthy snacks.

Picking PowerBar Bars for Performance or Protein
There are two main types of PowerBars to choose from. A snack bar designed for performance helps prolong energy and increase endurance during activity. Each, packed with protein and amino acids, helps aid in recovery and assists the body in generating new muscle tissue during the course of a workout. The choice of energy bar depends on individual nutrition needs and preference in taste and texture. Protein snacks help boost nutrition intake throughout the day when eating a full meal isn't possible or when trying to control portions and reduce calories. Both types are small in size and fit easily into backpacks or purses for travel, and active individuals can eat them quickly, especially when on the go.

Additional Options for PowerBar Bars
PowerBars come in a variety of flavor choices depending on personal preferences. Nutrition bars, loaded with fruits and mixed nuts, round out the nutritional benefits, while performance bars come in satisfying flavors like chocolate chip cookie dough and peanut butter.

Grab a snack bar for breakfast on the way to work or school to help start off the day right or store a few of them inside a desk drawer to maintain willpower throughout long work days. The indulgent flavor choices satisfy the body's craving for sugar, which helps keep people from reaching for candy bars instead. Most energy bars have a shelf life of around five years, so it's OK to store them in a cool, dry place because they will stay fresh. This also makes them a healthy choice to keep in emergency food supplies.

Are PowerBar Bars Gluten-Free?
The PowerBars made with extra protein have less sugar and are gluten-free. These snacks contain 20 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber, making them a good choice as midafternoon pick-me-ups. The energy bars made specifically for performance activities are Non-GMO Project verified as well gluten-free. While the majority of the nutrition bars are gluten-free, check the nutrition label for assurance.

When Is the Ideal Time to Eat PowerBar Bars?
The optimal time to eat a PowerBar is 30 to 60 minutes before exercising. When a workout or event lasts for more than 60 minutes, eat an additional one at least an hour into the exercise to maintain proper energy levels. Eat a PowerBar bar after a workout to help replenish nutrients the body worked off and to move through the rest of the day.

Are PowerBar Bars Available in Bulk?
Find PowerBars sold in boxes of 12, 15, and 24, allowing consumers to replenish company break rooms or family snack cupboards easily. Purchase multiple packs to ensure there are enough on hand to feed many individuals or to stock up shelves at the gym.