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Prairie Leisure Design Step Stools & Ladders

Don't overextend yourself to reach the top shelf in the kitchen or use a chair to hang charts on the classroom's walls, use a step stool. Brands like Prairie Leisure Design offer quality wood steps that look stylish at home, the office or in the classroom as well as help safely access items out of reach. Shop Staples for a wide variety of step stools to suit a variety of needs.

Choosing Between a Folding or Molded Step Stool
For occasional use or a limited amount of room, a folding stool is a good choice. These wood, aluminum or steel steps with matching metal or plastic rungs have hinges that spread the two sides open and then lock them into place before using. When you're done using the stool, just refold and slide it into a small area, such as in a closet or flat against a wall. Molded plastic options have one or two steps, and many have side cutouts that act as handles so you can move them from one location to another quickly.

Finding the Right Duty Rating for a Step Stool
The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) Duty Rating helps determine the maximum weight you can have to use any ladder safely. Always consider the weight of the user and any tools or supplies they are holding when choosing any type of ladder. For light duty chores such as reaching out of place items, painting or simple yard work, a household grade ladder with a 200-pound load capacity is a good option. However, for any commercial maintenance or light construction work such as dry walling, consider using an industrial grade stool with a load capacity of 1000 pounds or more. If you will be using the ladder for any electrical use, never use an aluminum stool or ladder because they conduct electricity.

What Height Step Stool Do You Need?
It's not safe to use the top two rungs of any ladder. The design of these self-supporting stools balances the height and reach to prevent falls during use. There should be a 4-foot difference between the height of the ladder and the height you need to reach. For example, use a 3-foot stool to reach 7 feet. If you need more than that, consider using a step ladder instead. They aren't as easy to store as a stool, but they will provide the height without compromising safety.

What Are the Safety Features of Step Stools?
Several features improve the safety of any size ladder. Most have non-slip coatings for traction, and folding models typically have rubber handgrips on the top of the frame for extra stability. For additional security, look for ones with wide, non-slip feet.

How Do You Maintain a Step Stool?
With the proper maintenance, these products can provide years of service. Always clean any dirt and debris off before storing. Although aluminum products are non-corrosive, you should still dry them immediately to prevent rusting. Also, dry wood ladders which could rot. Both rust and rot will weaken them. Check the nonslip step covers and feet for tears or bumps that could cause the user trip or fall.
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Prairie Leisure Design 1-Step Wood Step Stool w/ 300 lb. Load Capacity
Item : WYF078277552004
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  • Glue, bolts, screws, and dowels are used for added strengths
  • Furniture should be stored inside in winter
  • The stool is unfinished and can be stained
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