Pretzels Snacks

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Baked, buttery flavors make pretzels popular choices for snacks at home and the office. Staples has many flavors of snack bars and snacks and sizes to choose from, so you can grab a handful anytime you want something to hold you over between meals. Add pretzels to your next office supplies or school supplies order.

Pretzels with Various Flavors for the Home and Office
These baked loops tantalize diners with light amounts of salt, and they can last for months in storage before they're opened. Made from baked bread, the original pretzel recipes date back to the middle ages in Germany. Once named bretzels, these baked goods were hand formed before baking. The flavors may have changed since then, but their iconic shape remains in modern snacks. Pretzel recipes have evolved, too. Now there are many varieties to choose from. Honey wheat pretzels may have a unique name, but they maintain the same savory core as original varieties.

Peanut butter pretzel flavors introduce another bold taste. They have the same crisp texture as honey wheat and original varieties, with peanut butter to sweeten the savory snack. Unlike these flavored treats, sourdough pretzel snacks rely on a different sort of baked bread to enhance the traditional style. This dough creates a robust flavor inside the baked center. All of these styles, including the sweet honey and sourdough varieties, have bold flavors that go well with chocolates and cheeses. Serve them with dips when hungry guests want even more flavor.

Snack with Sticks and Traditional Shapes
The iconic pretzel shape includes two baked loops, and there are several other varieties to choose from. Some pretzels have twists and braids for texture. These variations add surface area and make them natural pairings for dips. Pretzel sticks come in wide and thin varieties. Thin sticks provide a satisfying snap with every bite, while thicker options crunch with bold flavors of baked bread. Pretzel balls and nuggets are a totally unique way to enjoy these classic treats. They have the same baked taste as longer sticks, and they're salted for extra flavor, but they look completely different. Each ball- and pillow-shaped treat crunches apart in a single bite. Pretzels go great with flavored coffee or K-cups.

Pretzel Snacks for Every Appetite
The largest of these plastic containers carry more than a pound and a half worth of pretzels. These bulk packages provide enough sustenance to satisfy just about everyone in the office, and their lids close to seal the tasty contents between team meetings. Resealable containers lock the crispness inside, so each piece snaps and crunches when bit. Smaller packages provide just enough food for individual servings. Individual-size packages usually contain about an ounce, and they come in cases for bulk orders. Bulk packages sometimes include as many as 96 miniature bags, enough to stock the break room for months. Various package sizes allow employees to choose snacks based on the size of their appetites, with the largest quantities available for groups.

These snacks are a popular item in the home and office pantries. Whether you're stocking a vending machine or feeding a family, there are plenty of pretzel snacks to choose from at Staples like crackers, popcorn, bottled water, and more.