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Improve productivity in the home or office with excellent printer deals at Staples®. Whether you’re printing photos to share with friends and family, reports for meetings at work, papers for school, or envelopes and cards for special occasions, there are printers for sale to suit every need and space.

All-in-One Printers for Compact and Multi-purpose Use
Browse the large selection of all-in-one printer deals to improve productivity at the office or at home. Use these cost-effective models to scan, copy, and fax all in one place. With both inkjet and laser models, they suit any low or high volume printing applications for both small and large organizations. With the capabilities of multiple machines built into one, all-in-one models offer significant space savings, making them ideal for small home offices, apartments, dorm rooms, or workplaces, and helpful for reducing energy consumption.

Inkjet and Laser Printer Deals For Every Application
Inkjet models operate by dropping ink onto the pages, resulting in excellent color blending for photos and colored documents. More cost-effective than other designs, inkjet units offer exceptional versatility, high-quality images, sharp text, and compatibility with a wide range of paper types. Models are lightweight, durable, easy to maintain, and available in a variety of sizes ideal for low to medium volume applications. Laser models operate by using laser beams to generate static electricity, which attracts powdered ink particles to the pages, This offers fast print speeds for high volume applications. Units produce crisp and precise results perfect for reports, spreadsheets, small print, and fine details. Allow sufficient drying time to prevent smudges and gain optimal results. Laser printers typically require less frequent cartridge changes than inkjet options, and offer higher duty cycles, allowing more printing per month without increased maintenance requirements.

What Features Are Important When Selecting a Printer?
Large 500-sheet paper capacities help improve efficiency by requiring less frequent refills. Many models support a wide variety of paper options, from letter and legal sizes to envelopes and postcards, to suit a variety of office applications. Opt for high-yield replacement toner or ink cartridges that provide nearly double the standard print volume, and help minimize operational costs. Monochrome-only models allow for fast and detailed black and white printing, while color units offer bright and vivid prints. Those with photo-specific features provide high-quality, glossy images. Choose large, heavy-duty models with larger duty cycles and high print speeds for busy office spaces and enterprises. Touchscreens on printers offer intuitive user experience, and printer control through a range of mobile apps. Explore the large selection of printers for sale at Staples® to find the perfect combination of features.

How Are Printers Connected to Devices?
Look for built-in wireless connectivity features for compatibility with mobile phones and tablets for easy printing without the need to transfer files. Ethernet network interfaces allow sharing with multiple network users while other options connect models locally to a single computer through reliable USB connectors. Choose designs with various connection options to optimize productivity and convenience. 

What Eco-Friendly Options are Available for Printers?
The large selection of printer deals includes ENERGY STAR™ qualified options that minimize energy consumption during use, and help save on power costs. A wide variety of models are compatible with recycled paper, and many offer duplexing (two-sided printing) to help reduce paper waste.
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