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Projector screens make it easy to show movies, training videos, slideshows, and more to audiences. Choose from fixed screens or pull-down screens depending on your needs and preferences. Your screen should fit your space, so pick a bigger one for a large room.

Mountable Screens
Mountable projector screens can be attached to walls or ceilings for permanent access. These screens work well for classrooms or meeting rooms with permanently installed digital projectors.

Portable Screens
A portable projector screen lets you take your presentation with you. Tabletop screens are ideal for small spaces and one-on-one presentations.

Whiteboard Screens
Whiteboard screens have space to write on with dry-erase markers, so you can be more interactive with your presentations. These screens are designed to reduce glare.

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Add to cart Epson Duet Ultra Portable ELPSC80 Tripod Projector Screen 80"
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Choose options Elite Screens Tripod Series Projector Screens
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Add to cart Epson Ultra Portable ES1000 Tabletop Screen 50"
Add to cart Epson ES3000 Ultra Portable V12H002S3Y Tripod Projector Screen 80"
Add to cart Mustang Portable Screen Sc-P40d43 Tabletop Pico Projector
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Add to cart Quartet® Wall/Ceiling Projection Screen , 60" x 60" , High-Res , Matte Surface
Add to cart Elite Screens Vmax Plus2 Series Electrol Projection Screen, 120"H x 120"W
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Add to cart Quartet® Portable Tripod Projection Screen , 70" x 70" , High-Res , Matte Surface
As low as  $85.29
Choose options Elite Screens Manual Series Mounted Pull Down Projector Screen
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Add to cart Quartet 670S Wall/ceiling Projection Screen 99"