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Pure Therapy Head and Eye Massager

Pure Therapy Head and Eye Massager

Item #: 12328 | Model #: 42000
Pure Therapy Head and Eye Massager
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Product ID: 12328
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Pure Therapy will help you clear your mind with this head & eye massager. Designed to use traditional Chinese acupressure techniques, the massager focuses energy where most stress is created—your head.

Special massage nodes are dedicated to the temple area.  In addition, the high-frequency magnetic fields, inspired by Chinese Acupuncture techniques, further stimulate the pressure points to encourage vigor and mental clarity.


Add heat to your massage session and further immerse yourself in the calming experience.  Use the included earphones and let the gentle nature sounds and music help encourage relaxation. Sound selections include; Flowing Waters, Beach Waves, Drops of Water, Piano Melody, and Tranquil Gardens.


The unit is adjustable, allowing it to fit just about anyone.  Its size and weight also allows it to be portable so you can bring it with you and enjoy a relaxing experience just about anywhere.  Clear your mind with Pure Therapy.

  • Four intelligent air pressure massage settings to customize your ultimate relaxation experience
  • Four vibration modes to exercise your muscles
  • Heat compress feature to enhance your massage
  • Calming music and nature sounds help you relax and uplift your mood
  • Adjustable size to fit your head
  • Double-layer air bag for additional comfort
  • Portable system so you can enjoy a relaxing experience anywhere