Qnap NAS / Cloud Storage

QNAP NAS storage combines high-speed access with RAID technology, creating private cloud storage solutions for homes, small businesses, or large enterprises. They have user-friendly interfaces that make it simple to manage files and security controls that protect valuable data resources. Staples carries a broad range of Qnap NAS server products and accessories that can handle almost any information storage need.

Enjoy Scalable Qnap NAS Storage
QNap products are a scalable data storage solution. They include devices with 1 to 30 drive bays and offer connection options such as HDMI, Thunderbolt 2, and USB 3.1 in addition to 802.11ac/a/n Wi-Fi and up to 40 gigabits per second Ethernet. The built-in software provides essential services such as email management, advanced access controls, domain management, and automatic system backups. Video and audio transcoding delivers ready-to-play media streams to mobile devices and network enabled stereo equipment or televisions. Apps for iOS and Android extend data storage services to portable devices such as smartphones and tablets, and built-in anti-virus and encryption capabilities protect critical information.

A Qnap NAS Server Is Simple to Manage
All these products feature QTS, a Linux-based operating system optimized for NAS management. QTS gives users complete control over the device's configuration. It also delivers shared file access that's compatible with most PC and server operating systems. A variety of RAID options lets users customize their storage space to match their needs. Qnap products can also link to third-party cloud storage systems such as Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, and Google Drive, providing additional storage redundancy. Advanced features such as VPN connectivity, SSH administrative access, automated data replication, and LDAP and Active Directory support give IT staff the advanced tools needed to handle complex business data needs.

What Is RAID and What RAID Options Are Available?
RAID devices combine multiple hard disks into a single logical storage unit. There are many RAID configurations. Most QNap products support RAID 0, which improves data access speeds at the expensive of reliability, and RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, and RAID 10, which enhance reliability by duplicating data across multiple disks. Some models also include hot spare and hot swapping support. They maintain an up-to-date drive in the array that you use to replace failed hard disk without shutting down critical data storage services.

Does Qnap NAS Storage Support Media Playback?
These devices offer a variety of playback options for image, music, and video files. They can act as a DLNA Media, AirPlay, or iTunes server and deliver streaming output to almost any playback device. Apps for Android and iOS provide quick access to your entire media library, and software tools simplify data management, downloading new media from web and cloud sources, and file sharing. Qnap products are also compatible with many IP cameras, making them an excellent option for security applications.

Qnap NAS products provide private cloud storage that is reliable and easy to manage. The space they provide is compatible with most computer operating systems and portable devices. Explore the scalable storage solutions available at Staples and find a Qnap NAS server to handle your home, small business, or enterprise data needs.