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Quilt In A Day Rulers

Quilt In A Day rulers help users create precise cuts when piecing or blocking the edge of the fabric. From options that create straight lines to those designed for scalloped or triangular edges, Staples® carries a variety of rulers that meet the needs of every quilter, while also serving as the perfect addition to any school supplies list.

Use Quilt In A Day Rulers for Precise Shapes and Lines
A ruler for quilting comes in different sizes and shapes for creating a range of lines along the edges of the fabric or block. Straight styles let users cut along the edges for symmetrical squares. Scalloped designs create wavy edges for a decorative touch. Consider options with varying grid patterns that let you cut fabric along diagonal lines when creating diamond patterns. Small, square rulers work well for making designs in pieces cut into squares or rectangles. Look for Quilt in a Day® rulers with hexagon shapes for cutting and matching up multisided blocks in a pattern.

Using the Measurements on Quilt In A Day Rulers
When choosing a ruler for quilting, pick a design that includes measurements that work with the design you're creating. Traditional rulers for quilting include lines measured in 0.5-inch increments, along with additional markings for smaller measurements. For precise cuts, attach the fabric to a cutting mat and use a rotary cutter that doesn't require shifting the fabric. Line up the fabric along the line for exact cuts, making sure it doesn't move throughout the cutting process. When blocking squares, use the measurements and shapes that match the quilting design for a uniform look throughout the process. Most rulers include measurements for making many different sizes of the same shape, making it simple to make multiple designs with the same ruler.

Do Quilt In A Day Rulers Have Accurate Measurements?
Most rulers are precision-cut and measured, ensuring each hash mark is in the correct location. Use a trusted ruler or straight edge for checking the measurements for optimal cuts and sizing when undertaking projects. These rulers feature measurements in a range of increments that help you choose the appropriate size for the pattern. A model with clearly labeled marks helps prevent misreading while cutting.

What Are Quilt In A Day Rulers Made From?
Rulers for quilting come in acrylic and plastic designs. Both offer flexibility that withstands frequent use. Plastic designs provide a budget-friendly alternative for those who aren't sure which ruler works well for their needs. Acrylic rulers are clear and resist discoloring when exposed to sunlight. Both plastic and acrylic rulers provide clear markings and come in varying shapes that work with most projects.

What Are the Available Sizes for Quilt In A Day Rulers?
Quilt rulers come in a range of sizes that help from the first stages of cutting through the blocking of the final pieces. Large 12.5-inch square rulers make cutting blocks simple. A 25-inch ruler lets you cut long strips of material without requiring multiple movements or shifting of the fabric. Some models come in 0.5 to 1 inch sizes that make cutting small shapes easier. Consider options up to 22 x 22 inches for blocking finished pieces. Keep in mind that each size includes multiple smaller measurements for use with projects of similar and smaller sizes. Staples carries a wide variety of measuring devices including protractors and tape measures.
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Quilt In A Day Kaleidoscope Ruler
Item: 291871 / Model : 2009
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  • Kaleidoscope Ruler
  • Acrylic
  • Use this triangular ruler to cut the pieces required for the 45 degree angles in the kaleidoscope quilt.
2.79 $2.79
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Quilt In A Day Ruler
Item: SS2164710
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  • Triangular ruler
  • Heavy gauge acrylic
  • Use this triangular ruler to square-up pieced squares and for cutting pieces smaller than 6 inches
As low as 8.69 $8.69
Multiple options available
Quilt In A Day Square Up Ruler, 12-1/2"X12-1/2"
Item: 291852 / Model : 2004
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  • Square Up Ruler
  • Heavy gauge plastic and features
  • Make perfect squares in sizes up to 12-1/2 inches with the help of this ruler
19.99 $19.99