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Quirky Products

Now you can get Quirky tech accessories and organization products at Staples. From Pivot Power strips to Port Power extension cords, Quirky has everything you need to make your life easier.

Quirky. Invented by real people like you. Have a great idea? Qirky can brint it to life. Check out some of the inventions that became a reality right here.
Quirky. So, Much, Invention. Shop our assortment of top tech products invented by people like you to solve problems like yours.
Quirky. Want your Quirky product today? Check out our assortment at your local Staples store. Find a store.

Meet our inventors.

Quirky products are invented by real people like you. See how these everyday inventors came up with their bright ideas!


Jake Zien

Inventor of Pivot Power Genius

Jake Zien first thought of Pivot Power during his senior year in high school. After reading about Quirky in an in-flight magazine, he submitted his idea in 2012 as a RISD student—the rest is Quirky history.


Jin Chai

Inventor of Converge

Jin’s family had six iPods and one computer. While listening to a family spat over who got to charge next, he realized he needed a docking station with one power line that could charge all types of devices at once.


Stephen Stewart

Inventor of Cordies

Steven used to keep his laptop power cord from slipping off his desk by putting it under an iPhone stand. Sick of fumbling with his makeshift solution, he considered how he might create a paperweight, but for cables.


Jeff Scholen

Inventor of PowerCurl

When Jeff Scholen bought his first Mac, he hated how unruly the power cord was, always heating up and getting tangled in his bag. With the help of the Quirky community, he invented PowerCurl to solve these issues.

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